Non-monogamous Relating 101

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Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized


(Sunday) 14:00 - 17:00



Event Details

Within our current times, we are so accustomed to the ways of separation and individualism from Western idealism that we have forgotten how to relate to one another. Or perhaps we are neglecting how to do so? If you stepped away from stereotypes and norms what other types and ways to relate, connect and find intimacy could await you?

In this collaborative and lively discussion & workshop, Caritia will focus on the different ways participants can get to know their own ways to relate, connect and share with those you wish to have in and orbiting around you. With the focus on what is nourishing for you, ways in which to establish boundaries for your desire and what communication tools could be supportive.

You can join this class alone or with your partner(s) (everybody needs a ticket).


Event Details

Date & Time:  July 18th, 2021, 2 pm – 5 pm

Format: workshop & discussion

Audience:  LGBTQIA+ & Friends

Language: English

Minimum Knowledge Level: N/a

What to Bring:  pen, paper, questions and an open mind to listen, share and connect

Solo or Partnered:  solo or partnered (everybody needs to buy a ticket)


What we will teach / offer you

– meditation

–  boundaries and negotiation

– finding language and your communication style

– what is polyamory anyway?

– network and community

– relating utopia

–  intention vs expectation

– Feedback and close


Safety Concept

You need to bring proof of testing (not older than 24 hours), or proof of vaccination in order to be let inside.

Hand disinfectant provided in multiple places. All surfaces are disinfected and will be disinfected in between use.

Space is limited to give more space for everyone.

We frequently air the space and also use fans for more circulation.

You must wear a mask at all times.


Who is this event for?

LGBTQIA+ describes the full spectrum of non-mainstream sexual orientation and/or gender identity, meaning: lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer/fluid,

Friends describes people of any and all kinds of gender and sexual identities who are aware and respectful of the necessity, needs, and boundaries of a queer safe(r) space and its marginalized community.

When you consider yourself a friend you show acknowledgement to and are respectful of everyone’s self-expression and do not assume, presume or project non-consensual ideas onto others. You actively request and use people’s chosen pronouns. You remain mindful of the fact that Karada House is first and foremost a space for queer people that you are also invited to attend. You have a genuine concern for the well-being of LGBTQIA+ people and remain in awareness of heterosexual and gender straight privileges.

Friends don’t have to be perfect. None of us are. We request that we all pro-actively work and strive to be good friends and allies to marginalized people.




About Caritia: lives as an LGBTQAI+, gender-fluid, BiPoC (assigned female at birth) individual. Walking a path with invisible disabilities and the living challenges which accompany that life. Educator, creative and ongoing work in process, whose advocacy for establishing boundaries is as strong as the desire to love with truth and honesty. On a quiet mission to destigmatise difference and return power to each individual. Using the language of kink to the point of geeky excitement. Caritia’s fascination with the root/the body stems from a longing too deeply ‘listen’ to (her) body holistically, from the inside out.

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