Who are we? 

Karada House is a queer collaborative art space that explores the boundaries of body, art and the multitude of interactions between them. We respect and celebrate the variety of gender expressions and identifications. Karada House is a body-positive open space based on collaboration, enthusiastic consent and respectful communication.

Read more about us here.

What does Karada mean? 

Karada (体) is the Japanese word for body and translates in its literal form to “root of a person”. 

What does Karada House mean by using the terms “LGBTQIA+”,  “womên” & “friends”?

LGBTQIA+ describes the full spectrum of non-mainstream sexual orientation and/or gender identity, meaning: lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer/fluid, queer, intersex, asexual, aromantic, agender.

Womên describes people who are identifying themselves as female in their gender identity. People that fit this category can be part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum or not. We created this category specifically to indicate that we also invite cisgender, heterosexual womên.

The word is our own creation and serves as a replacement for the word “womxn” which is now being (ab)used for transmisogynist statements. The ^ in womên represents a marker (similar to the “x” in womxn) that wishes to give emphasis to the fact that womênhood is an intersectional umbrella term that holds many different people and experiences and is not biologically predetermined.

Friends describes people of any and all kinds of gender and sexual identities who are aware and respectful of the necessity, needs and boundaries of a queer safe(r) space and its marginalized community.

When you consider yourself a friend you show acknowledgement to and are respectful of everyone’s self expressions and do not assume, presume or project non consensual ideas onto others. You actively request and use people’s chosen pronouns. You remain mindful of the fact that Karada House is first and foremost a space for queer people that you are also invited to attend. You have a genuine concern for the well-being of LGBTQIA+ people and remain in awareness of heterosexual and gender straight privileges.

Friends don’t have to be perfect. None of us are. We request that we all pro-actively work and strive to be good friends and allies to marginalized people.

Who can come to the space? 

Anyone over 18 years of age can come to our space as long as they respect that Karada House is a queer safe(r) space. We have general rules you can find here and house rules you need to follow. Events that are labeled as “LGBTQIA+ & Womên” events are only for people who self-identify as part of the particular group. If you are not part of the group and have accidentally purchased a ticket for such an event, please consult our refund policy.

Why are you excluding people?

Karada House is a queer, collaborative endeavor that provides a space for people who are commonly marginalized, oppressed, and excluded from other spaces. In order to make our space accessible to that audience, we prioritize their needs. Sometimes, this involves creating spaces that feel safe from those who are connected to our audience’s marginalization. When one group marginalizes another, sometimes the presence of someone from the marginalizing group can create difficulty for those within the marginalized group, regardless of intent.

Consequently, rather than framing the issue in terms of exclusion, we ask that you approach this question from a different angle and as a starting point for compassion. Ask yourself what is it like to feel threatened within a space? How does it feel to have limited access? This introspection might lead you on a good path to contextualizing experiences that BiPoCs, queer, trans people, people with disability, etc. experience frequently every day of their lives.

Next, ask yourself what educational resources are available to you. Are there ways you can make those spaces more inclusive? Are there reasons you are being excluded? How can you combat that? Or how can you find or build a space that better supports you? Karada House is open to suggestions, and we are always eager to hear how we can make events to serve marginalized and excluded audiences. If you have experience that we have not accounted for or developed programming for, please reach out.

What can I do in the space? 

Together with us and our resident artists and facilitators, you can explore the boundaries of body, art, and the multitude of interactions between them. We offer workshops, performances, master classes, and open space afternoons/evenings. Check our calendar for detailed information on our many offerings.

Is parking available? 

There is one parking slot available right in front of the house. It is reserved for people with disabilities or other accessibility needs. 

How do we get there? 

You can find a detailed description and map here

Can I smoke in the space? 

No. We are a non-smoking and overall drug-free and sober space.

Can I bring or purchase alcohol to/in the space? 

No. We are a drug-free and sober space.

Can I bring my dog to the space? 

No. No animals are allowed in the house.

Is the space accessible? 

The space is mostly accessible. We have a ramp and extra bell that can be reached without climbing stairs at the entry. The house has no thresholds. We have an accessible bathroom and shower available. The garden can be reached via the garden gate. The only non-accessible parts of the house are the 2 mezzanines that allow for extra space. Ther is also a parking space available right in front of the door in the backyard.

I am a neurologically sensitive person. Is there space for me? 

Yes. We have a completely sheltered, quiet room available if you get overwhelmed and need a break. If you wish to bring an assistant or translator, please let us know. This person will not be charged an entry fee.

If we can assist you in any other way, please speak to us or write us at info@karada-house.de

I left something behind at the space, what should I do to get it back? 

No! Just kidding. While we do not take any responsibility and are not liable for lost things, we collect all lost items and store them for a while. Write to us at info@karada-house.de and describe what you lost. 

Why Karada House is strict with the ENTRY times?

We are constantly aiming to make Karada House as safe as possible for everyone who chooses to participate in our events. Creating a safe(r) space includes setting clear boundaries with respect to time. This means if a workshop has started and the consent rules have been explained to everyone, allowing late entry to a participant either requires repetition (consuming more time) or that this one person is lacking knowledge (imbalance). We want everyone to have the same level of knowledge.

Additionally, for every new person who joins the energy of the group changes. People can not feel safe if there are constant interrupts.

We also do not allow late entry during a performance as this disrupts the creative process and atmosphere.

I have a great workshop idea, what do I do next? 

Structure your idea thoroughly and then send us a message and short pitch at info@karada-house.de

I’m an artist and would like to do a vernissage at your space, how do I make that happen? 

Send us a message at info@karada-house.de and give us your portfolio so we can see your work.

What is a solidarity ticket?

Solidarity tickets always sell out and are the first ones to go – and we want to make sure that the people who need them actually get them.⁠

So let’s be clear about what a solidarity ticket is & is not.⁠

It is: ⁠
– for people who struggle to meet their basic needs⁠
– for people with currencies that can’t compare to the Euro⁠

It isn’t:⁠
– a sale⁠
– early-bird pricing⁠
– a cheaper alternative⁠
– a way for you to attend more workshops within your budget ⁠

Solidarity means making space for fellow queer people GLOBALLY. It means paying more when you can so that Karada House can keep existing. It means paying more when you can so that our facilitators can make living wages.⁠

So please, only use these tickets if you truly need them & give space to others by choosing the regular & supporter options when you can.

What is a supporter ticket? 

A supporter ticket is a ticket that can be purchased by individuals with more expendable income. The extra charge on the ticket goes directly into keeping Karada House sustainable and therefore giving us the ability to offer Soli tickets etc.

Can I gift a friend/partner/connection an event? 

Yes, you can. Most events are purchasable online and can be gifted easily.

I bought a ticket, how do I arrange for a refund? 

Please check our refund policy that you agreed to when buying the ticket for further information.

I would like to hire your space for a photo shoot, how do I proceed? 

Please send your inquiry with the dates and an explanation of the purpose of renting our space to info@karada-house.de .

Can I have a private party at your space?

Please send your inquiry with the dates and an explanation of the purpose of renting our space to info@karada-house.de .