Karada House is home to a few dedicated, queer body workers, therapists & coaches. If you are interested in booking a session, please send them a message. If you are interested in offering body work in our space, send a message to info@karada-house.de

SEX THERAPY by Ceci Ferox


Ceci offers short-term goal oriented sexual therapy and sexual counseling. They are also available for presentations, workshops and consultation. Therapy, counseling and presentations are available in Finnish and English.

Ceci’s work is solution-focused and integrative of different methods and frameworks. They have specific knowledge and experience in BDSM and kink, gender and sexual diversity, body diversity, sex work and non-monogamy.

Ceci is informed about trauma, relationship attachment and the body-mind system. They educate themself on systemic oppression and racism and detecting their own prejudice.


Individuals: 90 € for 60 minutes
Couples and polycules: 130 € for 90 minutes


Email: cec.bergstrom@gmail.com
Tel.: +358 50 3855811
Website: https://www.ceciferox.fi/therapy

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COACHING/THERAPY by Emilian Walter


The coaching/therapy sessions that I offer are a space to be truly listened to, and supported in your growth, in order to discover and understand yourself better, to heal past wounds and to think in a new way about current life issues.

The main method I use is called Active Listening and was created by Carl Rogers. It is about listening to the other without any judgement, fully present, and rephrasing what is said to help the person facing their feelings and having them validated.

Another method I use is the Active Imagination created by Carl Jung. It is a guided relaxation to help you connect with your body, then a guided visualisation to connect with different parts of yourself in order to find the source of your present struggle and to facilitate healing.

I can also, if it feels right, invite you to try different exercises by yourself to develop self-love, reconnection with your body, communication skills, recognizing your desires and boundaries, and more.

As a queer and sex-positive person myself, it is a priority for me to offer a safe space for queer and sex-positive people.

I practice in English and in French.


1 hour: 40-60€



The Pantarei Approach is a type of bodywork that teaches clients to get better in touch with their bodies, in order to be present with whatever challenges they face.

A process with the pantarei approach will most often consist of a series of sessions, in which we set an intention together. Every session will start with a conversation and then move on to the second part where we explore what certain themes awakens in the body. This is done with touch, verbal instructions and questions about what comes up or how the touch is experienced. The second part can be sitting, standing or lying down on a massage table.

I identify as transgender on the masculine spectrum, have a background in queer and transgender activism and see bodywork as an extension of this. Learning bodywork, and especially the pantarei approach, has been a big source of healing in my own life. I feel a lot of gratitude in being able to support all kinds of people with all kinds of bodies in their processes as well.


1h 40 - 60 €
1st session is 1.5 h and 30 €


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/axelbodywork/



You can book yourself private sessions with Caritia and choose between consultation sessions, experience sessions & private tuitions.

Caritia is a British born queer womxn of colour whose creativity runs through connection to energies, ritual and bodies. She creates art and altered states through the body. Caritia’s consent based practice, arrives in the form of workshops, performative works, collective as well as individual rituals and tailor made sessions that you can now book privately.

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