We constantly aspire to improve and reflect on how we run our space,  from a highly considered and inclusive way. On this page we share our knowledge and labour, inviting everyone to feel inspired in their work and striving for best practices. Feel free to use this content for your own work and development.


OhYesPlease is our platform for high quality online courses which are complementing our in-house classes.

Whether you see yourself as an absolute beginner or someone with experience, OhYesPlease offers you playful, undogmatic online courses on a variety of kink and sexuality topics. We believe in gender inclusive, shame and blame free education, from a body positive, risk aware, consensually informed perspective. From this frame of mind you have the freedom to explore and discover your individual sexualities, boundaries and desires.

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Private Sessions with Caritia

You can book yourself private sessions with Caritia and choose between consultation sessions, experience sessions & private tuitions.

Caritia is a British born queer womxn of colour whose creativity runs through connection to energies, ritual and bodies. She creates art and altered states through the body. Caritia’s consent based practice, arrives in the form of workshops, performative works, collective as well as individual rituals and tailor made sessions that you can now book privately.

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Our Anti-Abuse Policy

At Karada House we have set up an Anti-Abuse Policy that aims to be preventative and preemtive. Offering consideration to the inclusive diversity of our space. Not only does it interrupt typical patterns of misconduct before an incident happens.
It also allows us as the space holders to intervene and dissolve the misinterpretation of neurodiverse behaviour.

This policy is inspired by the Color Code of Conduct, invented by the owner of Homeroom restaurant in Oakland, USA. We adapted it for safe(r) spaces and share this with everyone who wants to use it for their space, too. 


Kink is Political

After it got deleted twice on Instagram, we share the content of the posting Kink is Political here as creative common or everyone who wants to share it. It is under Creative Commons license, but we prefer if you also name us as the source.