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20may19:00Yes, please / No Thanks - Giving Consent, Holding BoundariesLGBTQIA+ & FriendsVirtual Event19:00 FacilitatorCaritiaCategorymeta

20may19:00Rope for Absolute BeginnersLGBTQIA+ & FriendsIn-House Event19:00 FacilitatorMamana (they/them)Categoryshibari

21may19:30Playfight & Rough Body Play LabLGBTQIA+ & WOMÊNIn-House Event19:30 FacilitatorMontserrat "La Cabra!" (they(them)Categorykink,health

22may19:00Open Rope Training for Beginners: TK-Takate Kote (Part I)LGBTQIA+ & FRIENDSIn-House Event19:00 FacilitatorCeci Ferox (they/them)Categoryshibari

22may19:00Tying in ToysLGBTQIA+ & FRIENDSVirtual Event19:00 FacilitatorSophia Rose (she/her)Categoryshibari

23may19:00Rope HangoutLGBTQIA+ & FriendsIn-House Event19:00 FacilitatorCeci Ferox (they/them)Categoryshibari

June, 2024

Teaching & Selling Rope

Explore the art of japanese inspired rope bondage: We offerworkshops nd open spaces for learning Shibari and also sell high quality jute rope.


Addie & Barkas

We are proud and happy to be Addie & Barkas’ virtual (and sometimes in-person) home for their teachings. Find all current offers here.


Hook Suspension

We are collaborating with Luna Duran in organizing Hook Suspension Rituals. Find the next dates for booking your hook suspension ritual.


Bodywork & Coaching

Book your private session with one of our few dedicated, queer body workers, therapists & coaches.