July, 2021

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Month Long Event (July)

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Update: A fire in our building complex messed up the electricity and is currently messing with our reopening plans and financial assets. We’d totally appreciate your help for this short term rough spot we are currently in.


In this workshop you help Karada House to survive the current Covid-19 situation that will – without your help – most probably lead to this project dying.

From Monday, March 16th 2020 on Karada House was closed indefinitely but rental and other financial commitments still needed to be paid. We made a big shift towards online classes in hopes to help ourselves through this hard time. However, this leaded to less income and as we work with a shoe-string budget we will not be able to sustain ourselves very long as a space. In short we won’t make it without your help.

Apart from the space itself it is also the main income for our main facilitator and co-owner Caritia who will from now on have a significantly lower income at all and is in a very precarious situation.

We have therefore made this event and you can buy “tickets” if you would like to and can donate some money to Caritia and Karada House to keep both afloat during this crisis.

Thank you so much for helping us staying alive! <3

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