Karada House is collaborating with Luna Duran in organizing Hook Suspension Rituals. We are very happy that we can offer our space for Luna’s artistic and ritualistic vision. Following the hook suspensions “The Rites of Ascension” we have already organized in the year 2020, we are now looking forward to offering this unique opportunity to more people.

On this site you can request your own hook suspension ritual, facilitated by Luna at Karada House. You can choose the number of hooks and discuss with Luna about your wishes and needs. We also offer to film your ritual and to produce a 6-8 minute videoclip for you (final result can take 6-8 weeks). If you want, you can also have your suspension be accompanied by a live music soundscape by Ghost Acres.

The two video clips below give you an impression of the full experience (hooks by Luna, music by Ghost Acres, video by Karada House).

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Luna’s statement about hook suspensions:

For some hook suspension is a vehicle for the practice of deep empathy, for others it is a bridge to overcome what seems impossible, for others still it is a test of courage, to some it is simply body play; whatever it may be to you – we would like to invite you to be the architect of your own personal ritual. Embody your own vision and sink deeply to the full breath of your own path where you can walk with genuine intentions. Our job is to make sure that we keep this exploration within the boundaries of safety.

Even though hook suspension was inspired by practices which sprung from different aboriginal cultures around the world, the expression of these practices was interrupted by colonization and have not survived in an original form in modern times. Still, physical ordeals remind the body of being pulled through difficulty by community. Reenacting these stories of overcoming and remembering are foundational in ritual practice. The Rites of Ascension is born from an experiential practice of this very simple concept.

The Rites of Ascension I & II

Luna Duran

I have been a professional body piercer for 13 years, being heavily involved in hook suspension for the last 9. I am also a lecturer on Body Art speaking at conferences and events like A.P.P. (Association of Professional Piercers) in the United States, A.P.P.E. (Asociación de Perforadores Profesionales España) in Spain, L.B.P. (Latin American Body Piercers) in Mexico,  U.K.A.P.P. (United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers) in the UK, as well as Wave Gotik Treffen and BMXNET (Body Modification eXchange Network) in Germany. I have also been a founding member of Rope Coven in the Bay Area (USA), a container gathering and a space created for people of oppressed genders, including women, non-binary folks, and trans men. I am also a founding member of Ressurection Rites (USA), a trans- inclusive suspension campout for all women, non-binary, and genderfluid folks. I am bringing my professional as well as community experience to Karada House in order to facilitate hook suspension in a safe space centering the experience on underrepresented folks in the larger hook suspension, kink, and body art communities.

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