Hook Suspension

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Year Around Event (2021)

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When you purchase your hook suspension the base price includes:

– booking Karada House for up to 4 hours for your suspension

– booking Luna & assistant to facilitate your suspension

– 2 hooks


You can add other add-ons to your booking:

– more hooks

– a custom made video of your suspension

– live music for your suspension


For more information and examples of our hook suspensions, video editing and live music, please visit: https://karada-house.de/hook-suspension


After your purchase you will be contacted by Luna Duran to discuss further details and find a suitable date. If no suitable date can be found, you can ask for a refund.

Please note that the hook suspension are only offered when the Covid-19 regulations allow us to do them.

If you cannot afford these prices, please send us a message to info@karada-house.de and we will see what we can do/find in exchange etc.

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