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March 31 (Wednesday) 19:00 - April 24 (Saturday) 22:00





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The details and mechanics of technical suspension are Addie’s specialty and passion. Over the past 6 years, she has amassed a wide, varied repertoire of suspension experience, with a heavy emphasis on tying different people with different preferences, and adapting ties to people rather than the other way around. Pre-pandemic, she taught TheSpace’s Techie Tuesdays, a weekly series that focused on how and why ties work the way they do, helping participants to build a working, functional knowledge of tying for suspension.

This progressive series will be heavy on understanding rather than memorization, on technical details (why something works in situation A but not B, how it can be adapted for B) and on personalization. We will examine everything from hitches to hip rotations, with the goal of achieving smooth rope and body handling, predicting and preventing trouble spots, and staying one step ahead of necessity.

The goal is not to arrive at a particular visual end result, but to use all our skills and knowledge to create ties and situations that make the person in ropes happy, however their ‘happy’ manifests.


Tech Dump Part I: TK-ish ties (March 31st, 7-10pm CET)

This session can be taken as a stand-alone or as part of the larger series. It covers the version of the TK that Addie uses, tied both front and back, with examples tied for different body types, shoulder configurations, injuries, and preferences. We will look at the foundational elements of TK-ish ties, what each part contributes to the tie, and what can be modified without compromising the safety and integrity of the structure.

Tech Dump Part II: Uplines, Partial Suspensions (April 10th, 7-10pm CET)

In partial suspensions, some part of the body is always touching the ground. This does not mean that the suspension is less strenuous or less risky, though it does generally mean that the person in rope is close enough to the ground to be brought out relatively quickly. This session focuses on safety, planning, body mechanics, and uplines. We will look at the pros and cons to different upline options, speed/access/reliability, and quick/smooth handling of both the rope and of the person in rope. We will examine balancing the body in the air vs the contact to the floor, and signs that we have found the ‘right’ height. We also look at bringing people out of suspension smoothly and quickly, communication and risk evaluation between tying partners, and self-monitoring for those being tied.

Tech Dump Part III: Full Suspension – Side Suspension (April 17th, 7-10pm CET)

The ‘Full Suspension’ Tech Dumps will each focus on a particular tie/pose/suspension, with different options based on each participant’s level of experience. For those newer to suspension, each can be performed as a partial or full static suspension, coming back out of the suspension by reversing the steps taken to get there. For those with more experience, there will be options for additions or transitions, before coming out either by reversing steps or continuing through to a different end point. The focus here is on sustainability, balance, and adaptation to suit and support the person in rope. Each piece of the tie must be well placed so that no one point is taking an undue amount of strain, and the person tying must choose when to start moving out of the tie such that the person in ropes is in long enough, but not too long. This creates sustainable suspensions and lets the tied person trust the tie and focus on the experience. We will look at balance points, planning ahead, and gauging when to come out so as to maximize the effectiveness of the tie. We will also discuss work-arounds for more common body quirks, and self-checks and body knowledge for the people being tied.

Tech Dump Part IV: Full Suspension – Running Person (April 24th, 7-10pm CET)

The same principle as the previous full suspension class, though with a different pose/suspension. – in this case The Running Person. Again, there will be an option to tie a partial or full static suspension, and then additions, modifications, and transitions for those with more suspension experience.


Event Details

Date & Time:  March 31st, April 10th, 17th, 24th 2021, 7pm-10pm CET

Format: workshop (virtual)


Language: English

Minimum Knowledge Level: single column tie, double column tie & it is highly recommended that participants take the TK-ish Tech Dump before the Suspension Tech Dump(s) to ensure that we are all working from the same starting point.

There is no previous suspension experience required to participate, and each suspension will be shown with levels of difficulty to offer information, challenge, and accomplishment for participants with any level of previous experience. Throughout, there will tips, tricks, and suggestions for those who are tied. There will also be time for tying practice, and many (though not all) elements can be modified for those who like to self-tie.

For those tying: No previous suspension knowledge necessary, especially for the early sessions. Those who are new to TK-ish structures are also welcome to participate, but should take the TK session first, and be willing to stick to the more basic versions/variations of ties. For the suspension classes, a good goal for tying participants is to be able to tie a suspension-worthy upper body tie smoothly, a non-collapsing single column tie on the first try, and to open, move, and re-lock a suspension line without fumbling or cussing.

For those being tied: I recommend having some previous experience in rope so that those being tied have a frame of reference and can make more informed decisions. This does not have to include suspension experience. Likewise, there are no pre-requisites for flexibility, fitness, lack of injuries, etc; one of the goals of the series is to tie for the differences in how individuals work, to use that individuality to best advantage. In Addie’s experience, the pairs who have the most success in workshops are generally those who can laugh together and who approach challenges as a team.

If you have any questions about those guidelines, please contact Addie (

What to Bring: ropes (the techniques covered work well for natural fiber rope, and synthetic will behave differently. This series is not suited to tying with synthetic rope), a partner, suspension point if you want to tie along

Solo or Partnered:  both (each participant needs a ticket)

Class recording: Yes. The recording will be made available after the live class for 14 days.


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