Bottoming, Community Building

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What makes a person in ropes proficient and successful? What about a community? How are these related? This class begins by offering concrete, practical, and realistic learning tools for those who like to be tied. It then extrapolates outwards to ask how we might use these tools to (re)structure the way we self-describe, prioritize, and interact as individuals and social groups in order to build positive and constructive communities, on whatever scale. Starting from a point of focus on those who like spending time in rope, this lecture/discussion invites participants, whatever their experience level or relationship to rope, to explore a series of suggestions designed to promote engagement in a collective that strives for healthy interactions, positive growth, and empowerment.


Event Details

Date & Time:  February 13th, 2021, 7pm-10pm CET

Format: workshop (virtual)


Language: English

Minimum Knowledge Level: None, this is appropriate for people who tie, are tied, self-tie, newbies, and old hands. Although the contents are directed at a rope audience, the concepts hold true in many dynamics and situation.

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Solo or Partnered:  both (each participant needs a ticket)

Class recording: Yes. The recording will be made available after the live class for 14 days


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Addie (she/her)

Addie is a switch and self-suspension enthusiast. She organizes regular workshops on dynamic self-suspension and versatile education both, for beginners and technically advanced. When co- teaching she focuses on bottoming information and discourse.

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