Flirting with Sexual Tension

18feb18:1520:15Flirting with Sexual TensionNana & rooVirtual Event18:15 - 20:15 FacilitatorNana & roo (they/them)CategoryDay 5,Queerope


(Sunday) 18:15 - 20:15 CET





Event Details

In the context of this workshop, sexual tension means approaching the eroticism of rope bondage without the expectation or goal of genital play or explicit sex. The content will focus on finding pleasure and sensuality in positions and touch, restriction and helplessness, and in looking and being looked at.

We will play with exposure, a bit of undressing, and some good old crotch rope. Other than that, genital play is not part of this workshop. This restriction serves two purposes: it creates a shared boundary for this collective setting, while also celebrating the non-explicit with the aim of freeing the imagination.



Format: hands-on workshop & demonstration

Minimum Knowledge Level: The workshop will focus on a few classical positions, easily tied on the floor. If you wish to include uplines in your tying, you should have some previous experience in floor-based semi-suspensions. To do exercises hands-on, you should participate with someone(s) who you can negotiate and explore erotic themes with, be vulnerable with, and be accountable with. You can always re-negotiate your boundaries and opt out of exercises if you need to. Switching roles is possible between exercises.

What to Bring: Those tying: ropes, a blindfold, and optional suspension gear. Those being tied: clothing that is right for you in terms of mood, comfort zone, and exploring sexual tension. Make sure to wear enough clothing that you are comfortable with being undressed a little.

Solo or Partnered: any constellation, partnered if you wanna tie along

Class recording: yes

This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 30 days after the event.



Nana & roo (they/them)

Nana and roo are a D/s-couple from Helsinki, with a long shared rope journey behind and ahead of them. Their teaching is balanced between both ends of rope, and focused on co-creating pleasure and fun. Nana is a member of Helsinki Shibari organizing team, with a long experience in facilitating BDSM workshops both as a top and as a bottom. For years, tying has been their central means of self expression and playing with power. Nana’s pedagogical background is in art education, and they strongly emphasize learning by doing and experiencing rope. Roo is a rope switch with a background in bodywork from art modeling to contact sports. They have a strong passion for community organizing and collective growth. Roo enjoys playing with self-suspension and working with and against gravity in ropes. In rope education, they focus especially on skills and perspectives related to bottoming. @nanaquinn.rope (back-up @nanaquinn_backup), @pola_roo

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