Nana & roo (they/them)

Nana and roo are a D/s-couple from Helsinki, with a long shared rope journey behind and ahead of them. Their teaching is balanced between both ends of rope, and focused on co-creating pleasure and fun.

Nana is a member of Helsinki Shibari organizing team, with a long experience in facilitating BDSM workshops both as a top and as a bottom. For years, tying has been their central means of self expression and playing with power. Nana’s pedagogical background is in art education, and they strongly emphasize learning by doing and experiencing rope.

Roo is a rope switch with a background in bodywork from art modeling to contact sports. They have a strong passion for community organizing and collective growth. Roo enjoys playing with self-suspension and working with and against gravity in ropes. In rope education, they focus especially on skills and perspectives related to bottoming.

@nanaquinn.rope (back-up @nanaquinn_backup), @pola_roo

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