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This self-tying/ self-suspension workshop explores alternative bondage narratives by integrating material/ plastic into the tie (dry plastic bags/waste). Carefully chosen ‘waste’ in terms of color, size, sensual texture, and meaning. It probably needs a moment to enter a playful, devoted relationship with this material and oneself.

The long-duration self-tie allows for taking pleasure in sensual resilience, adapting to the plastic and its sounds. For the outside the scene gives space for questions: around the dynamic between un-/organic material, consumption/printed bags or boxes, or ‘expiry date’ of food packaging surrounding ‘bound flesh’.

In terms of rope technique, we will work with (partial-) suspension on rings or on bamboo. Plus a supporting surface such as a thin bamboo, a piece of plastic/wood to place the main weight on.



Format: hands-on workshop

Minimum Knowledge Level: Intermediate level. Participants should be firm with suspendable column ties and a suspendable futomomo. If they want to suspend themself they need to be familiar with locking of uplines on themselves. Otherwise, I suggest following along but staying on the ground, or using safe half-suspension.

What to Bring: 7-12 ropes. If you like to suspend and if available more than one suspension point. Plastic: white /colorful shopping plastic bags (like the ones for veggies from the market).
Dry food packaging from noodles/rice/veggies. Can also be handbags, disposable raincoats that can rip, and colorful garbage. It could also be many yoga mats or blankets, some material you like to deal with. A bamboo, wood, or metal barre to sit on. Going out with a friend and picking some in the street (which is not too yucky) can be fun and a nice preparation.
Basically many of the same, and what is visually interesting for you. Some music if you like. For safety friend or phone, and scissors.

Solo or Partnered: solo but partnered would work, too

Class recording: yes

This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 30 days after the event.



Dasniya Sommer

Dasniya Sommer is a Berlin-based choreographer and (visual) artist who works in the range from performance to photography and video art, from Japanese Shibari to classical ballet. She examines movement and image from the perspective of the dancer. For 15 years Dasniya has practiced Japanese Shibari/Bondage stretching performative aesthetic categories, making shibari accessible to a wider and intersectional community.
She tries to combine pure Japanese techniques (currently Akira Naka inspired) with an unconventional anarchic approach, often integrating objects or organic material into the process. 
Dasniya’s teaching is informed by her experience as a rigger and shibari model. Melting schools and philosophies from a great number of teachers such as Chanta Rose, Kamijoo Saki, Kasumi Hourai, Arisue Go, Akira Naka, Tamandua, Gestalta, and Norio Sugiura. She regularly teaches at ‘Haus Sommer’ her studio in Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt, and a.o. at ImPulsTanz Vienna, Lismore’s Queer-Community/Australia, and Braunschweig University of Art. ‘Sculpting or moving with ropes I deeply enjoy the handcrafting moment combined with sensual attention towards my partner or the bondage material. After some tying time when this fragile, auratic presence unfolds a kind of cruel, weird, and yet warm space opens in between.’ Photo: Kerstin Schomburg
photo credit: Pippa Samaya

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