Dasniya Sommer

Dasniya Sommer is a Berlin based choreographer and (visual) artist who works in the range from performance to photography and video art, from Japanese Shibari to classical ballet. She examines movement and image from the perspective of the dancer.
Since 15 years Sommer practices Japanese Shibari/Bondage stretching performativ aesthetic categories, making shibari accessible for a wider and intersectional community.
She tries to combine pure Japanese techniques (currently Akira Naka inspired) with an unconventional anarchic approach, often integrating objects or organic material into the process. 
Dasniya’s teaching is informed by her experience as rigger and shibari model. Melting schools and philosophies from a great number of teachers such as Chanta Rose, Kamijoo Saki, Kasumi Hourai, Arisue Go, Akira Naka, Tamandua, Gestalta, Norio Sugiura.
She regularly teaches at ‘Haus Sommer’ her studio in Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt, and a.o. at ImPulsTanz Vienna, Lismore’s Queer-Community/Australia, and Braunschweig University of Art.

‘Sculpting or moving with ropes I deeply enjoy the handcrafting moment combined with sensual attention towards my partner or the bondaged material. After some tying time when this fragile, auratic presence unfolds a kind of cruel, weird and yet warm space opens in between.’

photo credit: Pippa Samaya


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