Beyond the Interview MetaphorBottoming & Community BuildingTech Dumps

We are proud and happy to host Addie & Barkas’s classes at Karada House. Our offering for March & April consists of a series of 3 classes that go beyond Barkas’ interview metaphor, a class/discussion about bottoming by Addie and a series of Addie’s famous tech dumps.

You can choose between reduces series tickets or single tickets. All classes are also offered as recordings for a limited amount of time.

Full Series Tickets

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31mar(mar 31)19:0024apr(apr 24)22:00 Event has startedVirtual EventTech Dump Series with AddieLGBTQIA+ & FRIENDS(March 31) 19:00 - (April 24) 22:00 Facilitator: Addie (she/her) Category:shibari,tech dump fullFormat:workshop


Single Tickets Beyond the Interview Metaphor

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Knowledge of the INTERVIEW METAPHOR series is optional but recommended. If you'd like to get access to the recordings of this series, please click here.

Bottoming, Community Building

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Single Classes Tech Dump with Addie

10apr19:0022:00Event OverVirtual EventTech Dump Part II: Uplines, Partial SuspensionsLGBTQIA+ & FRIENDS19:00 - 22:00 Facilitator: Addie (she/her) Category:shibari,tech dumpFormat:workshop

17apr19:0022:00Virtual EventTech Dump Part III: Side SuspensionLGBTQIA+ & FRIENDS19:00 - 22:00 Facilitator: Addie (she/her) Category:shibari,tech dumpFormat:workshop

24apr19:0022:00Virtual EventTech Dump Part IV: Running PersonLGBTQIA+ & FRIENDS19:00 - 22:00 Facilitator: Addie (she/her) Category:shibari,tech dumpFormat:workshop

The Presenters

Barkas and Addie are Vancouver-based rope educators who teach and perform world-wide. Their style is characterized by a focus on the process, interaction, and emotion of a rope scene. Together they run TheSpace2, Vancouver’s first dedicated rope space.

Barkas is a bondage artist and writer. They have developed the “Interview Metaphor” as a way of understanding rope bondage and placing focus on the person in ropes, “Ranboo” which is a highly dynamic and stormy way of doing and thinking Kinbaku, as well as the “City of Kinbaku”, a poetics of Kinbaku.

Addie is a switch and self-suspension enthusiast. She organizes regular workshops on dynamic self-suspension and versatile education both, for beginners and technically advanced. When co- teaching she focuses on bottoming information and discourse.

Deviations - Books - Culture Kinks: Book Club with Addie, Barkas & Apikoros

2 Full Scholarships for Rope Education

In cooperation with Addie & Barkas we are giving away two full scholarships for a plethora of rope classes hosted by Karada House. The scholarship gives access to

– access to the February live classes of the Rope Fundamentals Series
– the recordings of the three „Interview Metaphor“ classes
– full access to live classes and recordings to the three „Beyond the Interview Metaphor“ classes
– access to the live class and recording „Bottoming. Community Building“
– access to the live classes and recordings to the four „Tech Dump“ classes
– a full conference ticket to Queerope 2021


Eligibility: Any person that is part of the LGBTQIA+ and/or BiPoC community and cannot afford to pay for their rope education is eligible.

Knowledge level: this scholarship is suitable for people that are on a beginner to intermediate level

Application: In order to apply for this scholarship, please send a small text to and tell us about yourself and your rope journey and interest in this practice.

Deadline: January 30th, 2021