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16feb18:1520:15Quick ShotNIKOKBK & RaphVirtual Event18:15 - 20:15 FacilitatorNIKOKBK (he/him)RAPH (he/they)CategoryDay 3,Queerope


(Friday) 18:15 - 20:15 CET





Event Details

Performing on stage involves a number of constraints, such as working from a single hanging point, a lack of visibility from moving lighting, and a very short playing time in which we like to make a few transitions.
From equipment to tips and tricks, we will meet these conditions by managing tension lines on several carabiners and the 3rd rope TK & “quick futomomo” we made our own.



Format: hands-on workshop

Minimum Knowledge Level:  people tying:: TK as Gorgone’s or Naka’s style and confident with tension lines management, person getting tied:: be familiar with a suspended TK
(the practice also works with a front-hand harness)

What to Bring: 9 ropes / 4-5 symmetrical 0 or pear-shaped carabiners/swivel (optional)

Solo or Partnered: any constellation for watching, partnered if you want to tie along

Class recording: yes

This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 30 days after the event.



NIKOKBK (he/him)

NIKOKBK (he/him) is a rope artist based in Lyon (France). It's been 5 years since NIKO began to practice Shibari properly with the aim of personal renewal. From a need to learn to let go with the taste for artistic expression, NIKO appropriated shibari to express himself. He shares this path with RAPH (he/him/they/them) and for the last 4 years they have formed a duet that has naturally evolved from learning together many worhshops in Europe to performing and teaching. NIKO's love of live performance and the constraints of this environment have led him to develop a fast, efficient style. Liking to get out of his confort zone, he works with different materials to add extures of his scenes.

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RAPH (he/they)

RAPH has been practising shibari as a switch for over 4 years in Lyon, France. He sees this art form as an inexhaustible source of exchange, play and connection. With the daily integration of yoga and dance practice, he made it as part of a global approach of body exploration. With NIKO as a rope partner for the past 4 years, they form a duet that has led them to learn, teach and perform.

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