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23feb18:1520:15Almond LindenWhat's (Chronic) Pain Got To Do With It?Virtual Event18:15 - 20:15 FacilitatorAlmond Linden (she/her)CategoryDay 1,Queerope 2022


(Wednesday) 18:15 - 20:15 CET





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People living with chronic pain & disability deserve to feel safe(r) & welcome in rope communities.

For this to be more common, we need to actively remove ableism from our rope practices. This session is for people who are NOT in chronic pain who want to be better allies to folx in pain within rope. (Although you are most welcome if you ARE in pain!)

You’ll learn to tie & be tied by disabled & chronically painful folx in ways that are supportive, affirming, and safe(r). Through discussions, demonstrations, practical exercises, and take-home guides, you’ll learn how to make your rope practice more accessible. Topics will include approaches to adaptive tying, unique safety considerations, props & tools, strategies for communication & examples of ableism in rope practice.

Almond is a disabled, chronically ill, and chronically painful rope switch that facilitates the Chronic Pain & Rope Workshop Series. If you also belong to disability and/or pain communities and are unsure if you should attend this workshop, you’re very welcome to email Almond at



Format: lecture & demonstration

Minimum Knowledge Level:

What to Bring: yourself, ropes, safety tools, something to take notes. Items to take care of your body & nervous system (tea, snacks, pillows, cozy socks, etc).

Solo or Partnered: any constellation, works

Class recording: yes

This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 30 days after the event.

Accessibility information:

• Automated Zoom captions will be turned on.

• The presentation will always have a minimum of 18pt font.

• The images shown will be accompanied by a verbal image description.

• The presentation slides will be available to download before, during & after the workshop.

• You’re welcome to contact Almond if you have any access needs that aren’t addressed above.



Almond Linden (she/her)

Almond Linden (she/they) is a sex educator & ritual facilitator. Based on the Anishinabewaki territory in so-called Canada, she's a fat, queer, disabled, white, gender-exploring being. Their work supports fellow people in chronic pain & disabled folx to find empowerment through safer embodiment & pleasure. Forests, vibrators & pain-relief cream are her trio of choice.

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