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24feb13:4515:45Ceci FeroxAsking for What you Want as a BottomVirtual Event13:45 - 15:45 FacilitatorCeci Ferox (they/them)CategoryDay 2,Queerope 2022


(Thursday) 13:45 - 15:45 CET





Event Details

This is a workshop for bottoms on figuring out what it is that you crave for when getting tied and how to ask for it.

We will talk about different dynamics in rope play and the bottom’s role in creating them. You will think about how you see yourself as a bottom and how you might want to evolve in the future. There will be conversations about consent and expressing desires as well as a critical exploration of how we treat our tops and dominants.



Format: lecture/discussion

Minimum Knowledge Level:

What to Bring: paper and pen

Solo or Partnered: any constellation

Class recording: yes

This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 30 days after the event.



Ceci Ferox (they/them)

Ceci Ferox is a Berlin-based sex therapist, kink activist, and rope teacher originally from Finland. Safer spaces and empowerment through quality education are important for them.

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