Plants & Pleasure : Ecosex Ritual

19nov19:0021:00Plants & Pleasure : Ecosex RitualLGBTQIA+ & FRIENDSEvent OverVirtual Event19:00 - 21:00 FacilitatorAlmond Linden (she/her)Categorykink


(Sunday) 19:00 - 21:00





Event Details

Nature is hot as fuck.

Through a ritual and discussion, we’ll explore how plants can be portals to erotic pleasure & how hot it can be to interact with them consensually! We’ll take an animist approach to communicating with these living beings & explore how we can live in a reciprocal relationship with them in our day-to-day lives.

Come be enchanted by the world of ecosexuality!

* This ritual is designed for indoor privacy. You’re welcome to tune in from an outdoor nature space if you have the privacy and consent to do so.


Event Details

Date & Time:  November 19th, 2023, 7-9.00 pm

Format: Ritual

Audience:  LGBTQIA+ & Friends

Language: English

Minimum Knowledge Level: N/a

What to Bring:  Your house plants and/or nature beings from the outside like plants, stones, branches, soil, water (harvested with utmost care), journal, [optional] sex bundle (toys, lube, massage oil)

Solo or Partnered:  All constellations welcome (the ticket price is per person)


Class recording: Yes. The session will be recorded and available for 14 days after the workshop. The participants will not be recorded.


Accessibility Note

The workshop and discussion are held in spoken English with automated captions in English which are provided by Zoom. Communication within the class can be had via chat but also people can come on mic and speak. If you participate in this workshop and need more assistance, i.e. someone reading out the chat, etc, please message us at beforehand.


Who is this event for?

LGBTQIA+ describes the full spectrum of non-mainstream sexual orientation and/or gender identity, meaning: lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer/fluid, queer, intersex, asexual, aromantic, agender.

Friends describes people of any and all kinds of gender and sexual identities who are aware and respectful of the necessity, needs, and boundaries of a queer safe(r) space and its marginalized community.

When you consider yourself a friend you show acknowledgement to and are respectful of everyone’s self-expression and do not assume, presume or project non-consensual ideas onto others. You actively request and use people’s chosen pronouns. You remain mindful of the fact that Karada House is first and foremost a space for queer people that you are also invited to attend. You have a genuine concern for the well-being of LGBTQIA+ people and remain in awareness of heterosexual and gender straight privileges.

Friends don’t have to be perfect. None of us are. We request that we all pro-actively work and strive to be good friends and allies to marginalized people.


Photo: Caribe – IG @Caribe_Lunar


Almond Linden (she/her)

Almond Linden (she/they) is a sex educator & ritual facilitator. Based on the Anishinabewaki territory in so-called Canada, she's a fat, queer, disabled, white, gender-exploring being. Their work supports fellow people in chronic pain & disabled folx to find empowerment through safer embodiment & pleasure. Forests, vibrators & pain-relief cream are her trio of choice.

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