Art of Kink - Spanking for Beginners (mixed)

23aug14:0018:00Art of Kink - Spanking for Beginners (mixed)Event Over14:00 - 18:00 FacilitatorMamana (they/them)Categorybody work,kink


(Sunday) 14:00 - 18:00





Event Details

Why on earth would you want to spank someone? Or why on earth would you want to be spanked?

Mamana & René are offering up 4 hours of top & bottom (see what we did there ;-)) fun. We will take you on a slow and steadily intensifying journey to explore the sensations and what lies behind  the wonderful practice of spanking. There will be no tools or equipment used, this will strictly be a hand spanking workshop.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

• How to spank and how not to… (techniques & consent)

• Where to spank (anatomy)

• Hand Care

• What can happen emotionally & physiologically?

• Negotiation

• Time, intensity & rhythm

• hormonal manipulation or how to get high through spanking


What else to know:

The price is per PAIR.

This workshop will fall within the present guidelines of Covid 19. Pre-registration only. Restricted number of 5 pairs. Everyone must be fit and healthy when entering the space.  No food or snacks will be provided, everyone must provide their own. Toilets are available, the shower is not.

Karada House strives to be a gender, sexuality, bodies, marginalized, neurodiverse and intersection individuals inclusive space. We use queer as a self identifying term, which may not fit for all individuals, it remains an umbrella term by which Karada House identifies its core community and includes itself. Allies are welcome as long as they hold a similar ethos, ethics and values under which Karada House Team leads its space.


What to bring:

Yourself and a partner and a curious mind. Hands would be good, too. And if you have: hand cream/arnica cream and anything you’d need for aftercare.



Mamana (they/them)

Mamana (they/them) is an artist and academic currently working with and exploring the body not only as a physical entity but also as a means to create and subvert meaning beyond the standard concepts of identity and restrictive societal norms of what bodies should look and be like, what they are allowed to do and what no.

They curate spaces from an intersectional, trauma-sensitive, and no-bullshit perspective, aiming to always include the bigger picture into the personal struggles, thoughts, and ideas.

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