Art of Kink - Service and High Protocol

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(Saturday) 15:00 - 18:00




English /German

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Within the kinky realm of power exchange, restrictive behavior such as service and high protocol might be the most diligent form of play. Rituals, protocols and perfect service can be fun and enrich your play in ways you could not imagine.

Within this workshop Mamana & René will share their thoughts and personal (lived) experiences, on the topic of service and high protocol from a kink perspective. Their aim to engage with participants, from a joyful and desire space, to take a journey of discovery.


What will be discussed in this class:

– What is service and how to do it “right”?

– How can one be in service to another and find that empowering?

– What is high protocol?

– How do you “enforce” high protocol and why?

– What are the rules?

– The freedom of restriction

– How to start a scene


What to bring:

– Some way of making notes (for yourself)

– Water bottle & snacks

–  Clothing to support your persona for play

– Towels

– Bring questions on the topic on Service & High Protocol


What to know:

Karada House strives to be a gender, sexuality, bodies, marginalized, neurodiverse and intersection individuals inclusive space. We use queer as a self identifying term, which may not fit for all individuals, it remains an umbrella term by which Karada House identifies its core community and includes itself. Allies are welcome as long as they hold a similar ethos, ethics and values under which Karada House Team leads its space.

This workshop will fall within the present guidelines of Covid 19. Pre-registration only. Restricted number of 8 participants. Everyone must be fit and healthy when entering the space.  No food or snacks will be provide, everyone must provide their own. Toilets are available, the shower is not.

Karada House is a queer safe(r) space and participants are agreeing to adhere to the Karada House rules and guidelines, by purchasing a ticket for this event. Those found to be falsifying information to gain entry, will be denied permission to return when found to be in violation of these rules.



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