Make It Hurt More: Lean into it

19feb16:0018:00Make It Hurt More: Lean into itMs. ReemahVirtual Event16:00 - 18:00 FacilitatorMs. Reemah (she/her)Lavender (she/her)CategoryDay 5,Queerope 2023


(Sunday) 16:00 - 18:00 CET





Event Details

Ms. Reemah will give an in-depth explanation and demo of how to safely use your body weight and gravity to increase the oos and ahs of your bottom. This is an advanced class showing how to gradually climb on top of your bottom during suspension.

Tying partner: Lavender



Format: lecture & demonstration

Minimum Knowledge Level: participants should be at suspension level

What to Bring: sustainable harnesses that can be suspended, knowledge of attachment and upline management, weight distribution in suspension

Solo or Partnered: any constellation, partnered if you wanna tie along

Class recording: yes

This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 30 days after the event.



Ms. Reemah (she/her)

Ms. Reemah is a queer woman of color from Atlanta. She has been a part of the kink community since 2017. Ms. Reemah is a member of the sisterhood Black FemDoms (BFD)-Atlanta. Ms. Reemah derives immense joy and connectedness through rope play. There is an intimate connection between a rigger and rope bottom that is profound and unlike no other. While also providing an outlet for creativity by manifesting the beauty and strength of the bottom in rope. POCs are disproportionately represented in the kink community. As a queer black Femme Domme, Ms. Reemah has taken strides to increase the visibility, education, participation, and awareness of POCs in the kink community.

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Lavender (she/her)

What she enjoys about rope, is the transfer and exchange of energy that happens between the top and the bottom. She uses those moments to further get in tune with her body just as she does in pole dancing and continuously discover how that skill set transfers into rope. In seeking to grow the participation for BIPOC in kink within her community she strives to bring more connective opportunities to others. It was love at first tie. During her journey she realized how few bodies and people that looked like her existed in rope spaces and platforms. She takes delight in the deep connection and trust between Top and bottom as well as the pain and beauty involved as both tie together. This venture has allowed her to take her passions of mental health and rope, combining them together to share with others her experiences of healing through rope and kink explorations.

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