Slow Kink Jam

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Health Guidelines for this Event

Event Area Sanitized



Event Details



Kink Jams are spaces to meet people who love to try out kinky stuff and/or bring your kink partner(s) to have a wonderful session together in a space with like-minded people.

All roles, levels, etc. are welcome. You can use the jam to find like-minded people, try out things you always wanted to try out in a safe(r) environment, or just have a hot session in a shared space.

What does SLOW mean? It means calming things down, doing them slowly and intentionally, with consent and good boundaries in place. It means playing with intention, not just intensity. It means playing in a space that is semi-private with people to watch and people watching you. It means enjoying the energy of others playing in the same space and seeking flow with each other across the room.

We are open and happy about what you bring to the jam as long you do not dominate the entire room with the noise, space you need, or vibe. This is a shared experience so please read the room and give others space as well.

Due to hygiene and/or high levels of trigger potential, we do not allow:

  • blood, pee, scat play
  • knife play, needle play
  • uniforms and/or role play that includes institutional power dynamics (i.e. school


What’s the space like?

a kitchen and hang-out area

2 mezzanines for private tying

one large room with suspension points, hashiras, bamboo and rings provided.

In the summer: the silent garden (you can be in the garden in the summer breeze to get a break from the action inside).


How it works

The door opens at 7:00 pm and stays open until 8:00 pm (sharp).

You will need to purchase a ticket upfront as space is limited. 

At 7:30 pm we will give an introduction to people who are new to the space and/or new to the jam (format).

You can then choose your a space and enjoy yourselves. We have yoga mats, duvets and cushions, lube, gloves and condoms available.


What to bring

All, gear, toys, play stuff etc. you. need and want for play

Please bring a blanket or towel to put on the yoga mats we provide.

We will provide aftercare snacks.


What else to know

This jam is aimed at LGBTQIA+ & WOMÊN audiences.

This space is a no-photography space.

This is not a teaching space.

This space is a sober space. Please do not bring any substances to the spaces.

Nudity is welcome.

Bathrooms and showers are available.


Accessibility Note

The space, KARA, is on the ground floor but has three steps to enter the house. A ramp for wheelchairs is available at all times. There is also a parking space available right in front of the door if needed. KARA has an accessible bathroom available. There are no thresholds in the entire house. The garden is only partially accessible at the moment. During the workshop, we will sit on the floor. Sitting in a chair can also be provided. Adaptations for physical needs will be shown and can also be provided upon request. If you participate in this workshop and need more assistance please message us at beforehand. 


Safety Concept & Regulation

Please consult our safety concept and regulations for this event here.



First time? No problem.

Please join us right at 7:30 pm for an introduction to the space, the jam itself, and some advice as to how to navigate a jam and how to engage with people.

Introverted? No problem.

Just send us a message beforehand and we will help you navigate the evening and find like-minded people to engage with.

Total newbie? No problem.

Come, join the crowd and have a drink. Get to know people and watch others tie and play.

Coming alone? No problem.

We always introduce people to each other at the introduction round at 7:30 pm, so join us then to meet other people.

Buy your ticket

Tickets are not available for sale any more for this event!

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