Fundamentals of Kanna Style Weekend Intensive

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Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized


4 (Saturday) 10:00 - 5 (Sunday) 18:00


Japanese/English in live translation

Event Details


For Nawashi Kanna aesthetics and patterns are what comes after deeply connecting to your partner and giving them sweet consensual torment, delicious suffering, and sweet relief. In Kanna’s school of rope / Kanna-ryu every rope, every placement, every tension, and action should have an intention that the person tying is controlling.

In this weekend intensive workshop, you will learn the fundamental principles, the patterns, and the reasoning and intention behind Kanna’s style of tying. Kanna and Kagura will also suggest and show ways to play with the patterns and demonstrate their application within a session, as well as show variations, and explain the underlying theory and historical culture behind them.


In Kanna & Kagura’s own words:

Whether it’s the first time to meet you, or it’s been a while, or you’ve met us online but never in person, no matter what level you are, we really couldn’t wait to enjoy the ropes in the same space with you all! We’ve always been hoping to be committed to providing safe, respectful, equitable, and enjoyable learning environments for queer or gender diverse students while supporting their development and interaction with their partner. So we are super excited to share these with you!

If you’ve taken a workshop in the past or an online class, you’ve learned the basics and you are probably familiar with Kanna-ryu! Some of the content may overlap, but this series would be instructive for upgrading your skills or polishing off your knowledge!! In-person workshop classes, we’re offering skills development training workshops [*not professional teacher training workshop], with direct instruction such as checking, correcting, and suggesting to each person.

Our education plan puts students focusing on lifelong learning (the long-term benefits for sustainable rope activities) first, along with exploring a variety of approaches and methods or diverse possibilities, while prioritizing developing step-by-step skills, creativity, knowledge, and experience, rather than pushing new patterns practice as many as possible.

The content and instruction of the class will be tailored on a case-by-case basis, based on the level of the class, the student’s progress and speed, reflecting the student’s interests and demands, and/or the partner’s fatigue, as well as what is needed and what is good to know. In multi-level classes, the class may have a division in the middle sometimes flexibly depending on the student’s choice: skill practice, reteach or mini-lesson, and play with partners.

Please don’t compare yourself to other students. There are no rankings, no comparisons, or competition between students or schools in Shibari and workshops. Shibari is available for every body of all ages, genders, and abilities. Differences that vary from person to person could be valued as individual characteristics, and grow creativity with special needs. Our doing rope activities Shibari or Kinbaku is interpersonal communication even in group learning. Focus on yourself, your partner, your interests, and your goals!


Event Details

Date & Time:  September 4th & 5th 2021, 10 am – 6 pm (lunch break included)

Format: hands-on workshop


Language: Japanese, English live translations by Kako

Minimum Knowledge Level: you must be familiar with and able to solidly tie single & double column ties, box tie, and have knowledge of all common frictions

What to Bring:  a full set of ropes (8-10 ropes), safety equipment, oval carabiner as suspension point IF you wish to tie like Kanna (otherwise we provide rings)

Solo or Partnered:  the ticket price is per PAIR

Price: 450€/pair


Who is this event for?

LGBTQIA+ describes the full spectrum of non-mainstream sexual orientation and/or gender identity, meaning: lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer/fluid, queer, intersex, asexual, aromantic, agender.

Friends describes people of any and all kinds of gender and sexual identities who are aware and respectful of the necessity, needs, and boundaries of a queer safe(r) space and its marginalized community.

When you consider yourself a friend you show acknowledgment to and are respectful of everyone’s self-expression and do not assume, presume or project non-consensual ideas onto others. You actively request and use people’s chosen pronouns. You remain mindful of the fact that Karada House is first and foremost a space for queer people that you are also invited to attend. You have a genuine concern for the well-being of LGBTQIA+ people and remain in awareness of heterosexual and gender straight privileges.

Friends don’t have to be perfect. None of us are. We request that we all pro-actively work and strive to be good friends and allies to marginalized people.


Payment Plans

We offer the possibility to pay in installments for this weekend intensive. If you are interested in a payment plan, please fill out this form. We will get back to you asap.



We are offering one scholarship (100% reduction of the workshop fee) to one pair of rope practitioners. In order to be eligible, both of you must be part of the LGBTQIA+ community. If you would like to apply for the scholarship, please send an email to with your rope name, profile (insta, FL etc.) if you have one, and your intention for participating in this workshop. We will consider all applications that arrive until August 10th, 2021.


Covid-19 Safety Concept

You need to bring proof of testing (not older than 24 hours), or proof of vaccination in order to be let inside.

Hand disinfectant provided in multiple places. All surfaces are disinfected and will be disinfected in between use.

Space is limited to give more space for everyone.

We frequently air the space and also use fans for more circulation.

You must wear a mask at all times.

Our safety concept may vary depending on the official regulations at the time. We will update ticket holders on a regular basis.


What else to know

You are asked not to switch during the workshop.

No video recordings are allowed. Photos are only allowed of your own work (with no other participants in the photo) and of Kanna’s work as reference.

You are not allowed to share any of these photos with other people or online. Same goes for any notes you take.

After taking this workshop, you are not allowed or entitled to teach the content you have been taught to others as an instructor.

There will also be a second weekend intensive on September 25-26, 2021, teaching semenawa, predicament, rope for kink play, and supporture.


Akechi Kanna & Akechi Kagura

縄師 神凪 Akechi Kanna(X-gender) and 神楽 Akechi Kagura are Japanese queer rope couple that have been together for 14 years. They have traveled around the world to teach and perform Japanese Kinbaku Kanna succeeded from 明智伝鬼 Akechi Denki and has developed. Kanna style is semenawa style which draws inspiration from Hojojutsu 捕縄術, is very restrictive and includes complete control of the body and often plays with the breath. “We believe that rope has no gender or borders, and rope should be for everyone, and could be fun for both the rigger and the model.”

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