Find your Rope Partner(s)

05feb17:0018:30Find your Rope Partner(s) LGBTQIA+ & WomênMoved OnlineVirtual Event17:00 - 18:30 Categoryopen space

Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
Vaccination Required


(Saturday) 17:00 - 18:30



Event Details

You are interested in rope but you are lacking a partner/partners?

The pandemic has made it really hard to find people in general, let alone for a common interest like rope bondage. Before Karada House closes its doors, we wish to help you find like-minded people to bond with and become your rope partner or event rope group so you are not alone and can practice with others.

Find your Rope Partner is an event similar to speed dating events that allow you to get to know a number of people and chat with them about rope, life, love, and all other relevant things. Once you are done chatting, you can indicate if you are interested in getting to know this person further. If both of you indicate interest, you “match” and we will make sure to give each of you the contact information of the other so you can meet and see if things click rope and otherwise.

After the matching event, there will a rope jam (our last one in this location). You can stick around and talk some more to your favorite people, even try tying with some or just indulge in watching others tie. We also have really good tea and a damn comfy sofa.

Note: The matching event is free but you must apply. The rope jam is 5-15 Euros sliding scale.


Event Details

Date & Time:  Febuary 5th, 2022, 5pm-6.30pm

Format: speed matching event

Audience:  LGBTQIA+ & Womên

Language: English

How to apply: Please fill out this form by February 1st, 2022.


Safety Concept & Regulation

Please consult our safety concept and regulations for this event here.


Who is this event for?

LGBTQIA+ describes the full spectrum of non-mainstream sexual orientation and/or gender identity, meaning: lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer/fluid, queer, intersex, asexual, aromantic, agender.

Womên describes people who are identifying themselves as female in their gender identity. People that fit this category can be part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum or not. We created this category specifically to indicate that we also invite cisgender, heterosexual womên.

The word is our own creation and serves as a replacement for the word “womxn” which is now being (ab)used for transmisogynist statements. The ^ in womên represents a marker (similar to the “x” in womxn) that wishes to give emphasis to the fact that womênhood is an intersectional umbrella term that holds many different people and experiences and is not biologically predetermined.

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