Hurt Me, Deliciously - Playing with Pain

14may19:0022:00Hurt Me, Deliciously - Playing with PainLGBTQIA+ & FriendsVirtual Event19:00 - 22:00 FacilitatorMamana (they/them)Categorykink


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Event Details


There is something extraordinarily powerful in feeling and playing with consensual and voluntary pain. Why would a person want to feel pain? Why would another love to give it to someone else? How is pain and the processing of it changed depending on the context and relation it is put into?

In the workshop, Mamana will go into a deep deep deep dive into all things pain and pain play. Together we will trace the history of pain play, and go through the details of what pain actually is, how it is produced and interpreted in the brain and how it is influenced by personal, biological, social, and other contextual factors you can play with. We will go into the details of why people like to give and receive pain, how you can process it, which typical impact play instruments are helpful in inducing a certain kind of painful sensation.

In short, this class will fry your brain with nerdy knowledge and allow you to think about your interest in pain play on a whole new level. Come for the facts, stay for the soul searching of why sadomasochism is fucking delicious.


Event Details

Date & Time:  May 14th, 2024, 7 – 10 pm CET (Berlin time)

Format: workshop & discussion (virtual)


Language: English

Minimum Knowledge Level: this class is suitable for all levels

What to Bring: yourself, your ideas and questions

Solo or Partnered: all constellations welcome, everyone needs a ticket

Class recording: Yes. Only the facilitator will be recorded. The recording will be sent out after the live class and will be available for 14 days.


What we will discuss

. Define Pain?

. Traces, roots and histories of pain and pain play

. Good pain, bad pain

. What do consent, trust and context have to do with it?

. How to give, receive and process pain

. How to tweak your pain play to where you want it to go

. Why the fuck are we doing this?

. many other little info tid-bits you will not see coming


Accessibility Note

The workshop and discussion are held in spoken English with automated captions in English which are provided by Zoom. Communication within the class can be had via chat but also people can come on mic and speak. If you participate in this workshop and need more assistance, i.e. someone reading out the chat, etc, please message us at beforehand. 


What else to know

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Mamana (they/them)

Mamana (they/them) is an artist and academic currently working with and exploring the body not only as a physical entity but also as a means to create and subvert meaning beyond the standard concepts of identity and restrictive societal norms of what bodies should look and be like, what they are allowed to do and what no.

They curate spaces from an intersectional, trauma-sensitive, and no-bullshit perspective, aiming to always include the bigger picture into the personal struggles, thoughts, and ideas.

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