Critical Whiteness

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Karada House works mostly within the realm of kink, BDSM, gender, and sexuality. This work can only be seen and understood as an intersectional endeavor encompassing many other aspects such as language, wealth, housing, body size, mental health, neurodiversity, ability, education, skin color, relationship constellations, and citizenship. This specific 2-part workshop series is not specifically about whiteness within the context of kink, gender, and sexuality. In our opinion it is, however, a vital first step for white people in general and white kinksters, whether or not they consider themselves queer, to understand how racism comes into play in every aspect of this society – kink lives, relationships, and spaces included.

Although European and Northern American societies are promoted as inclusive, it is obvious that this is not the case. It’s still very much cis-white, Christian, capitalist, ableist, and patriarchal as they were. Due to the dominance of white, Europe-centric, patriarchal, ableist standards, people in Europe and Northern America are categorized and understood as normal bodies and irregular bodies. These supposedly irregular bodies are oppressed by the European and Northern American systems in various forms of power at the micro and macro levels and are discriminated against at the individual and institutional levels. This form of systemic oppression and indoctrinated false reality has roots in European colonialism, Nazism, and imperialism.


Part 1: The Genesis of Racism (October 6th, 2022: 7-10 pm)

The first part of this workshop series will enable the participants to factually understand the genesis of racism by exploring historical and current facts, situations, and occurrences that paved way for colonialism, racial hierarchy, genocides, neocolonialism, and modern-day racism.


Part 2: White Privilege Reflection (October 13th, 2022: 7-10 pm)

The workshop enables an open space for white and white-passing folks to gather and share their ideas and understanding of being an Ally, discuss their mistakes, share their practices,
knowledge and reflect on their privilege.


Event Details

Date & Time:  October 6th & 13th, 2022, 7-10 pm CET (Berlin time)

Format: workshop & discussion


Language: English

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Solo or Partnered: all constellations welcome

Class recording: Yes. This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 14 days after the event


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Ajayini Sathyan (she/her)

My name is Ajayini Sathyan and I’m a consultant, educator, certified queer peer counselor, artist and spoken word performer from Tamil Nadu. I’ve worked with different groups of people. These include LGBTQ people, people living with HIV below the poverty line, cis/trans sex workers, Dalit women and Dalit LGBTQIA. Whenever possible, I actively represent queer refugees/queer POCs. I also deal with politicized topics such as cultural origin, (neo)colonialism, critical whiteness, gender and sexuality through spoken word/poems, art and through interactive lectures, workshops and discussions. Deutsch: Mein Name is Ajayini Sathyan und ich bin eine Refernt*in, Educator, zertifizierte Queer Peer-Berater*in, Künstler*in und Spoken word performer*in aus Tamil Nadu. Gearbeitet habe ich mit unterschiedlichen Personengruppen. Darunter LGBTQ-Personen, Menschen mit HIV unterhalb der Armutsgrenze, Cis/Trans-Sexarbeiterinnen, Dalit-Frauen und Dalit-LGBTQIA. Wenn es möglich ist, vertrete ich aktiv, queere Flüchtlinge/Queere POCs. Außerdem beschäftige ich mich mit politisierten Themen wie kulturelle Herkunft, (Neo)Kolonialismus, Critical whiteness, Geschlecht und Sexualität durch spoken word/Gedichte, Kunst und durch interaktive Vorträge, Workshops und Diskussionen.

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