Asymmetry on Bodies

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Pauline Massimo is back!

This time they will go deeper into the concept of tying with asymmetry. This workshop teaches different asymmetric harnesses/ties that are suitable also for suspensions. All harnesses/ties are based on a structural approach (not simply free-styling) that Pauline will teach in details, so you can learn the principles behind creating asymmetry in tying.

The following harnesses/ ties will be taught:

Asymmetric futomomo
This folded leg tie commonly known as futomomo is a variation of a classic tie with an asymmetric twist, which creates not only an interesting feeling on the body but has a very curious way of construction at the technical level.

Physical requirement: Tied up person is required to be able to fold the leg together at some level, but is not necessary to fully fold all together.

Asymmetric bodysuit
This harness works around the trunk of the body (includes shoulder, chest, waist, hips and thighs). This tie can be super helpful to create a wider support to the body, dynamism for hanging points, and comfort.

Physical requisite: Self tying person needs to be able to reach the back to create frictions.

TK asymmetric harness
This TK/upper body harness variation runs away from classic aesthetics and structure. The asymmetry gives the body a different support feeling and we can avoid lower wraps on the arms. For a rigger it becomes a challenge regarding creating perfect tension but also a fun and flexible way to restrict and tie someone else.

Physical requisite: Model should be able to put their hands on the back like almost all TK’s style, one should be healthy enough to have wraps around and some “pressure”, and be able to have upper wraps around the arms.


Event Details

Date & Time:  November 7, 2020, 7pm-10pm CET

Format: workshop & discussion (virtual)


Language: English

Minimum Knowledge Level:

People tying should be able to understand and tie single column / double column ties on different parts of the body in an efficient way using a bowline or other non-collapsible knot. Also understand and be able to tie basic frictions like counter tension, nodomes, etc. Knowing how to do X and L frictions is a plus. Everyone should be knowledgeable about physical and other damages like nerves, circulation, etc. Be able to communicate, act and change possible discomforts and damages. No one should attempt to suspend any harness without proper instructions and knowledge, including inexperienced models.

What to Bring:  if you want to tie along you need ropes, safety gear, space, a partner

Solo or Partnered:  both (each participant needs a ticket), however as a single participant you cannot tie along the entire time

Class recording: yes, participants will not be recorded. The recording will be made available after the class for 14 days


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Pauline Massimo

Pauline Massimo (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Brazil based in Barcelona, Spain. With more than 11 years of professional experience in the art field from painting, dance, performance art, photography, and Shibari to event curator, space holder, educator, community building, and art director in those few past years. They have been to a vast number of workshops and have equally experienced as a rope model, rigging, and self-tying. Pauline is educated and interested in the broader range that Shibari can provide as a practice, like classic Japanese style as more contemporary mixed styles, they are mostly interested in the mental and physical challenge that this practicum can offer as much as the challenge of creating experiences that adapt for different tastes and capabilities.

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