Agura: On The Floor, in the Air, in Transition

18feb16:0018:00Agura: On The Floor, in the Air, in TransitionGestaltaVirtual Event16:00 - 18:00 FacilitatorGestalta (they/them)CategoryDay 4,Queerope 2023


(Saturday) 16:00 - 18:00 CET





Event Details

This will be a demonstration of the agura tie (crossed-legged position) and possibilities for use both on the floor and in suspensions/transitions. This tie can be challenging but is also supportive and versatile. Participants can tie along if they like, and ask questions at the end, or just watch the demonstration.



Format: workshop & demonstration

Minimum Knowledge Level: If you want to (tie along) then you need to be confident with suspensions/transitions.

What to Bring: ropes, safety equipment, and a person

Solo or Partnered: any constellation, if you want to tie along you need a partner

Class recording: yes

This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 30 days after the event.



Gestalta (they/them)

Gestalta, Berlin: My approach to shibari has evolved as the result of over a decade of practice on both sides of the ropes and a broad range of influences that I appropriate, mix, and develop in my own practice. This has shaped my teaching style into one that seeks to reflect the experience of both tying partners on a deep level. I have a strong belief that shibari should not be prescriptive and encourage students to explore it as a flexible set of tools; adapting each tie to the body of the tied partner, and to their needs and desires within each individual situation. My teaching process aims to enable this by giving students a framework of the fundamental principles behind shibari; including safety efficiency and fluency, but also body awareness, communication, and conscious consideration of their own experiences and motivations.

I absorbed most of my technical rigging style a natural process of observation and experience from inside the ropes of the people I was tied by as a model. In this respect, I have been lucky to have had a broad range of influences to teach as Gestalta in Berlin

My technical style has naturally evolved through keen observation and firsthand experience. Previously, I had the privilege of working professionally as a Shibari model, offering me the opportunity to be tied by accomplished practitioners from Japan and Europe. These encounters have enriched my knowledge and repertoire with invaluable techniques and insights. Presently, my focus centers on the exploration of movement both with and within ropes. This ongoing research fuels my passion for pushing the boundaries of shibari and continuously expanding my understanding of its possibilities.

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