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20sep18:1520:15Addie & BarkasDifferential Geometry in Rope BondageEvent Over18:15 - 20:15 CategoryQueerope 2020,Day 5


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Rope Bondage is often seen only through one particular lens but what happens if we are looking for similarities in completely different fields? Higher mathematics doesn’t seem to have anything in common with rope but a quick look offers a vast variety of tools helpful for rope bondage as it is basically nothing else than applied differential geometry.

This workshop is first and foremost for people who wonder, who are curious and not only for those with a strong interest in mathematical, physical and engineering contexts of Rope Bondage. Reflecting on these contexts can help in understanding the structure of certain patterns. It also can help to increase the ability to handle the rope on a body.


  • Curved and flat spaces. A very short introduction into differential geometry.
  • Angles on curved spaces. Where to put the fingers when.
  • Knots and topological equivalence. Different “hitches” and their use
  • Forces and their direction. Frictions and suspension lines.

model/assistant: Addie



Format: workshop / demonstration / discussion

Minimum Knowledge Level: beginner

What to Bring: pen and paper and a piece of rope (<6m)

Solo or Partnered: both

Class recording: yes

This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 30 days after the event.


photo credit: Shiobhan

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