Covid-19 Regulations

  • All visitors and participants will be registered with their name, address, and email or phone number either when booking an event or at the door.
  • All visitors and participants must have proof of vaccination or bring proof of a test not older than 24 hours.
  • All visitors and participants must disinfect their hands upon entry. A disinfectant will be provided.
  • All visitors and participants must wear an FFP2 mask at all times. If necessary Karada House will provide masks.
  • Facilitators of Karada House events will keep their masks on at all times to ensure maximum safety for participants while teaching.
  • All appliances, surfaces, blankets, etc. will be disinfected on a regular basis and before and after every class. Blankets, towels, etc. will be washed after every use.
  • The number of participants is limited.
  • Any kinds of workshops/classes etc. will be held with a 1.5m distance between participants, the highest hygiene standards possible, and constant and proper ventilation.
  • We aim to make all workshops, classes, etc. accessible for single participants. For workshops that require a partner, you need to bring a person from your household, safe(r) Covid-19-bubble, etc. Working with someone else is something you need to decide on and do at your own risk.
  • During workshops, we will not switch partners. We will not facilitate any kind of partner search either.
  • There will be no kitchen service. Water will be provided. All glasses will be individually marked for the person drinking from them and will also be kept at a distance from each other.
  • We will provide multiple possibilities for disinfecting of hands, items, and surfaces before, during, and after classes.
  • We will constantly monitor the rules and regulations for Covid-19 and adjust our rules accordingly.

The Karada House Rules:

1. Nurture our culture.

Karada House aims to be a safe(r) space for everyone, especially queer and marginalized people and bodies. Be respectful of people’s expressions, boundaries and space. Ask for and respect people’s pronouns.

Be a welcomed house guest. Be helpful, leave when the time is at an end. Check in with others when you have the capacity to do so.

2. Consent, consent, consent.

Karada House is built on the idea of enthusiastic consent. We recognize consent as an important means to build trust in a vulnerable community. No means no. Maybe means no. Yes means yes. Consent brings pleasure, so practice the art of asking and accepting:

Ask for permission. Ask for boundaries and needs of others. Greet a “no” with a thank you. Don’t forget: No one is entitled to anyone else’s time or energy.

3. Collaborate, articulate, appreciate.

Karada House is built on (artistic) collaboration & open and honest communication that includes constructive criticism but also enthusiastic appreciation. Feel free to collaborate with us and other guests on your ideas, works and development. Also help everyone evolve by speaking your mind and giving respectful and constructive criticism if it is necessary. Solve your conflicts. If mediation is needed, let us know.

And if you experience something/someone wonderful, don’t forget to show your appreciation (in a respectful way).

4. Sanctuary.

Karada House is a sanctuary for us and everyone walking through its doors. Respect all parts of the house and the people in it. Pay respects to your body and mind as well as the bodies and minds of others. No drugs, no alcohol or similar substances are allowed. Yours, other people’s & the space’s safety is always key. Only engage in safe(r) practices.

5. Leave no trace. Leave no trash.

We are aiming to be a sustainable space. Tidy up after yourself and take all your belongings (trash included) with you.

Anti-Abuse Policy

At Karada House we have set up an Anti-Abuse Policy that aims to be preventative and preemtive. Offering consideration to the inclusive diversity of our space. Not only does it interrupt typical patterns of misconduct before an incident happens.
It also allows us as the space holders to intervene and dissolve the misinterpretation of neurodiverse behaviour.

This policy is inspired by the Color Code of Conduct, invented by the owner of Homeroom restaurant in Oakland, USA. We adapted it for safe(r) spaces and share this with everyone who wants to use it for their space, too. 

DOWNLOAD PDF FOR PRINTINGNotes for other Space Holders