Fundamentals of Kanna Style Videos


Includes 19% USt

As the original live classes for the FUNDAMENTALS OF KANNA STYLE series are fully sold out, Kanna, Kagura and Karada House have decided to give access to the recordings of the classes for an extended time period.

The recordings will be post produced and uploaded within 2 days of the original live class and made available for streaming until February 7th, 2021 on our website. Upon purchase you will receive the login information for all four videos to watch at your convenience once the recordings are up.

Lesson I – Tension
(available Dec 21,2020)

Lesson II: Takate Kote Principles
(available Dec 28, 2020)

Lesson III: Restriction
(available Jan 11, 2021)

Lesson IV: Semenawa & Hojojutsu
(available Jan 18, 2021)


For Nawashi Kanna aesthetics and patterns are what comes after deeply connecting to your partner und giving them sweet consensual torment, delicious suffering and sweet relief. In Kanna’s school of rope / Kanna-ryu every rope, every placement, every tension and action should have an intention that the person tying is controlling.

In this 4-class-series you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Kanna-ryu/ Kanna style. By going back and (re)-discovering the basic shibari patterns of Kanna-ryu, you will learn the fundamental principles, reasons and intentions of tying, along with multiple options and variations. Kanna & their long time tying partner Kagura will go deep into the underlying principles, theory and historical culture of their style.

After learning these principles they will move into variations and show how to play with principles, patterns and how to combine each according to your intention, need and body.

This series will give you deep knowledge of line management, placement, tension etc. with the purpose of creating, maintaining and controlling the conditions of your rope scene, it’s mood and atmosphere for yourself and your rope partner.