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Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
Other Health Guidelines


(Friday) 19:00 - 23:00



Event Details



Rope Jams are spaces to meet people who love to tie or be tied (or both) and/or bring your tying partner(s) to have a wonderful session together in a space with like-minded people.

All roles, levels, styles, etc. are welcome.

In the last hour of the jam, we will also offer a gong bath session.


How it works

The door opens at 7:00 pm and stays open until 9:30 pm (sharp).

We will greet you at the door and ask for some information, your proof of testing (not older than 24 hours), or proof of vaccination.

Spaces are limited. If the limit is reached, you can come back later and see if there is space (until door closes at 9:30pm).

At 7:30 pm we will give an introduction to people who are new to the space and/or new to the jam (format).

You can then choose your space to tie (we offer bamboo, ring, and spaces for floorwork). The spaces have yoga mats and cushions.

In the last hour, we lower the lights and offer a gong bath for a slower, more intimate session end.


What to bring

All ropes, gear, safety cutter, carabiners, etc you need.

We have rings and bamboo but you can also bring your own.

Please bring a blanket or towel to put on the yoga mats we provide.


What else to know

This rope jam is aimed at LGBTQIA+ & FRIENDS audiences.

This space is a no-photography space.

This is not a teaching space.

This space is a sober space. Please do not bring any substances to the spaces.

Nudity is welcome.

We provide water, tea, etc. We cannot currently offer snacks.

Bathrooms and shower are available.

The space is accessible.

Got no rope? Feel free to purchase some upfront and pick them up at the jam (min. 48 hours upfront if you wish to order more than 2 ropes).


Safety Concept

You need to bring proof of vaccination or proof that you are “genesen” (official proof of having had Covid-19 within the last 6 months) in order to be let inside.

Hand disinfectant provided in multiple places. All surfaces are disinfected and will be disinfected in between use.

Space is limited to give more space for everyone.

We frequently air the space and also use fans for more circulation.

We partially partition off spaces for tying for more safety/intimacy.

You must wear a mask at all times, with the exception of you sitting in a dedicated tying spot with a partner/partners of your own household.



First time? No problem.

Please join us right at 7:30 pm for an introduction to the space, the jam itself, and some advice as to how to navigate a jam and how to engage with people.

Introverted? No problem.

Just send us a message beforehand and we will help you navigate the evening and find like-minded people to engage with.

No ropes? No problem.

We have some workshop ropes for floor work that you can borrow. We also sell ropes at Karada House.

Total newbie? No problem.

Come, join the crowd and have a drink. Get to know people and watch others tie and play.

Coming alone? No problem.

We always introduce people to each other at the introduction round at 7:30 pm, so join us then to meet other people.


5-15 Euros sliding scale, cash only (please bring small money)

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