Soguita (all pronouns)

I was born in 1986, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied visual arts and photography, I worked as a photography teacher for teenagers, children and adults. I also worked in film as a camera and art assistant. My interest in rope bondage appeared in 2006, it was not until 2018 that I was able to practice with a friend and colleague Guido Ignatti. Then I started studying with Leo Guga in Buenos Aires and different virtual workshops organized by Karada House. I have been attending Kanna and Kagura’s salons regularly for about a year now and I plan to continue studying forever. Currently my job is to tie in private sessions and give a beginner-level workshop in Buenos Aires. I also participate in mixed projects with rope and visual, movement and sound arts as well as a personal research laboratory where we started the project “hair” the year last. Always grateful, curious and insatiable.

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