Roser (she/her)

Roser from Venezuela, living in Barcelona, Spain, found Shibari back in 2020 as a way of creative expression, she has also been creating artworks with photography and drawing over a decade now. Her short and intense journey in Shibari has taken place so far at Espacio Nos in Barcelona learning and building community. Besides studying regularly with Pauline Massimo, she also attended workshops by international presenters such as Nawashi Kanna & Kagura, Barkas & Addie, Tamandua & Briki and Sophia Rose. Over this time she has had the chance to explore ropes as a rigger, as a rope bottom and self tying, in which she finds herself able to broaden her artistic self, experimenting with movement and body expression through performance at Espacio Nos in Barcelona, Madrid and even online for Knotty Portugal. Her background as psychologist and psychotherapist working with trauma and violence, has led her to be very active and passionate about educating and facilitating on safe(r) rope practices and consent in her local community.

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