Kitty Hyatt (she/her)

Kitty is a polyamorous aromantic pan-interacting sex-repulsed asexual and kinkster. She has engaged in polyamory and identified as queer since she was a pre-teen and has been actively engaging in alternative lifestyles and queer activism for 11 years publicly. She is active in the Polyamory and BDSM communities where she moderates groups and helps to facilitate the spread of information about the intricacies of these alternative sub-cultures. Her interest in sociology and psychology give her an interdisciplinary outlook on how these subcultures intersect and ways of addressing how individuals can live their life 24/7 by integrating. She also focuses largely on supporting the asexual presence in the BDSM community and the various ways aces manifest. Outside of kink and polyamory kitty is focused on compassionate productivity consulting and social activism to help individuals and families reduce the negative impact of stressors in everyday life. Instagram – xoxshalyse or Facebook – Kitty Hyatt or Kitty Hermit (page)

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