Gandalf (they/them)

Gandalf is a Shibari artist and instructor. They were trained as a cognitive scientist before leaving academia and started a body art platform (KinkyFeminist), which dedicates itself to diversifying rope education and building safe(r) spaces for rope practitioners. They now teach both artistic expression and cognitive science. Gandalf teaches a style of tying that borrows heavily from different styles of theatre and dance. It aims to explore the potential of rope beyond eroticism and emphasizes attention and empathy in tying. They have also started the “Kinbaku Theatre” initiative to further push the boundaries of rope performance. Each class consists of 20 laypeople who are new to tying, who would produce an on stage performance over a period of a 12-hour intensive tying and movement workshop. Previous Kinbaku Theatre works include: Departures (2021) Becoming (2021) All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (2021) The Space Between Us (2021)

instagram: @land_of_incanus @kinky.feminist

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