Beck Thom (they/them)

Beck Thom (they/them) has made up the job title of Queer Intimacy Facilitator, and is the creator of Quintimacy, which offers Somatic Sex Education, Sexological Bodywork, one to one sessions and workshops for to queer/trans folk.
Beck has a strong trauma-informed focus in order to create safety and embodied consent. Quintimacy aims to be a kind and sensitive space where queer and trans people can explore queer intimacy, community connection and erotic embodiment.

Beck offers an accessible, down to earth, pleasure orientated approach and a safer, brave space for clients to explore and to make changes in their erotic lives. Beck is particularly interested in how somatic sex education and embodiment work can benefit queer and trans people, taking into account neurodiversity and all the other intersections we exist in.

Beck takes an integrative approach to working with queer and trans people around sex, pleasure, intimacy, relationships, sexual trauma, identity, ethical non monogamy, communication and kink/BDSM. They draw on decades of professional training, including Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork, as well as life experience of being queer, non binary, neurodivergent, non monogamous, a proud sexual minority and erotic ‘outlaw’. They believe strongly in doing this work in community. You can read more about Beck’s work in the chapter Trans Embodiment and Desire in the book Queering Psychotherapy by Jane. C. Czyzselska.

The things people take away from Beck’s work is their gender-freeing and gender-affirming approach to bodies and touch, practices such as the Genital Interview and concepts such as Extraphysical Genital Experiences (e.g Energy Genitals).

Beck is based in Leicester, Midlands, UK.

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