Covid-19 Regulations

Karada House understands itself as a safe(r) space and is dedicated to keeping our events as accessible and safe as possible.

Therefore the following rules will be in place until further notice:

  • All visitors and participants must wear an FFP2 mask at all times.
  • Facilitators of Karada House events will keep their masks on at all times to ensure maximum safety for participants while teaching.
  • All appliances, surfaces, blankets, etc. will be disinfected on a regular basis and before and after every class. Blankets, towels, etc. will be washed after every use.
  • The number of participants is limited.
  • Any kinds of workshops/classes etc. will be held with the highest hygiene standards possible, and regular and proper ventilation.
  • We aim to make all workshops, classes, etc. accessible for single participants. For workshops that require a partner, you need to bring a person from your household, safe(r) Covid-19-bubble, etc. Working with someone else is something you need to decide on and do at your own risk.
  • During workshops, we will not switch partners. We will not facilitate any kind of partner search either.
  • There will be no kitchen service. Water and tea will be provided.
  • We will constantly monitor the rules and regulations for Covid-19 and adjust our rules accordingly.