Mayfly Performance

Shibari Performance at Karada House Berlin – 22.11.2019

Performance devised by Gestalta & Shantel Liao
Model: Miauleks
Audio Composition: Robert Mirolo & Julia Demartino




ー詩經 曹風 蜉蝣.

The wings of the ephemera,
Are robes, bright and splendid.
My heart is grieved; –
Would they but come and abide with me!

The wings of the ephemera,
Are robes, variously adorned.
My heart is grieved; –
Would they but come and rest with me!

The ephemera bursts from its hole,
With a robe of hemp like snow.
My heart is grieved; –
Would they but come and lodge with me!

“Fu You (Mayfly)” from Odes Of Cao, Classic of Poetry

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Shantel Liao

Vernissage: Shantel Liao

Vernissage: November 22
Exhibition November 23 to January 30.

Shantel Liao was born in Taipei, Taiwan. The long journey between North America, Europe and Asia has been continuing since the age eighteen.

She started with photography and later mixed-media calligraphy. Shantel is fascinated by the power of identity nowadays, how it shaped us in various ways, physically and mentally. From gender to culture, how people connected with their own history and the greater environment.

Artists Website:

Vernissage: René de Sans

Collected works from René de Sans..

Vernissage and Exhibition from September 23th to November 15th.

René de Sans is a visual artist with a focus on photography and film. His primary artistic interests lies on the exploration of human bodies and visual, visceral and psychological landscapes, that express, incarnate, question and deconstruct ideas of identity, gender, sexuality and taboo.

Artists Website: