On April 26, 2021, a diverse group of rope artists, invited by Karada House to participate in a live Zoom session, met online and tied to a live soundtrack.

After a crazy year — one in which strange floating particles turned the world inside out and catalysed transformations that had once seemed unthinkable — this encounter allowed the group a moment of collective artistic collaboration.

Stretched across seven time zones, from Canada to China, the artists were bound by an urge to explore movement within restriction, to float freely through disappearing into a task, to flourish despite constraints.

This project is the result. It is a document of a group of people striving to keep a grasp on their own lives, their own art, their own work. Striving to move, to breathe, to transform, to be as light as air. To be bound in place, and yet, to float.

Teaser Trailer

Involved Artists

Live Music: Ghost Acres

Performers: Addie & Barkas (Canada), Akira Nawa (Brasil), Caritia (Germany), Ceci Ferox & Kauri (Finland), Gestalta & Muriel (UK/Germany), Hua Hua & Datianshi (China), Pauline Massimo & Inma Sáez (Spain), Sophia Rose (UK), Subay & S (Hong Kong)

Idea & Production: Mamana & René de Sans