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(Saturday) 16:00 - 18:00 CET





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In this workshop, Subay will demonstrate her interpretation of kata-ashi with variations for different body types and aesthetics. She will discuss the motive behind this tie and the techniques:

1. The requirements for the upper body harness in a vertical suspension
2. Level and balance in vertical suspension
3. Body mechanics
4. How to vary the tie in order to adapt to your rope bottom’s body type
5. Mainline management and aesthetics on a bamboo



Format: workshop

Minimum Knowledge Level: advanced

Prerequisites for rope top:

1. Ability to tie a safe gote or upper body harness that is suitable for vertical suspension

2. Ability to lock suspension lines safely

Prerequisites for rope bottom:

Understanding of basic rope safety, in particular regarding nerve damage

What to Bring: ropes, suspension point & partner if you wish to tie along

Solo or Partnered: both, partnered if you want to tie along

Class recording: no


photo credit: Touchwood

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