Rope Hangout

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Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized


(Friday) 19:00 - 22:00



Event Details


A rope hangout is an event where we learn from each other, peer-to-peer, get to know each other, and do rope in a relaxed atmosphere, regardless of experience level. You can hang out, have coffee, tea, or soft drinks and chat with people if you don’t feel like tying. Being there is enough!


Audience:  LGBTQIA+ & Friends

Cost: 5-15 Euros sliding scale at the door

Language: English

Minimum Knowledge Level: all levels welcome

What to Bring:  yourself, optionally ropes  (we can also lend you ropes)

Solo or Partnered:  both works, this is peer-learning so partners are not necessary



6.45 pm-7:05 pm: doors open (to ensure a safer space, we ask you to be on time so everyone can see who is present at the starting circle)
7:15 pm: starting circle
7.30 pm – 10:00 pm: peer learning and social hangout, space is chatty and there is no music



Your role as the participant is to share your knowledge and to get inspired by other people. You ask for help from other participants and help others whenever needed, especially in risky or emergency situations. There is at least one facilitator present for the entirety of the hangout. The role of the facilitator is to offer the space and be the contact person in case of safety concerns. The facilitator is a participant, not a teacher. The power of the facilitator is over the space and safety, not over the knowledge shared.


Are you a newbie?

Welcome to the hangout! You can attend at any time of your rope journey. We recommend sharing what you know with others even if you just began to tie. Teaching is the best way to learn! To get started with your rope skills, take a look at our workshop schedule.
We recommend for you arrive at the beginning of the night. We have an introduction circle and go through the code of conduct and other important information. You will also see who else is there. If you can’t make it to the starting circle, please contact us in advance.
You can always attend Rope Hangout alone and find new friends when you get there. If you feel socially awkward, like many of us do, bring someone you trust with you, or send us a message in advance so we can prepare to give you extra support.


Safety Concept


You need to bring proof of testing (not older than 24 hours), or proof of vaccination in order to be let inside.

Hand disinfectant provided in multiple places. All surfaces are disinfected and will be disinfected in between use.

Space is limited to give more space for everyone.

We frequently air the space and also use fans for more circulation.

We partially partition off spaces for tying for more safety/intimacy.

You must wear a mask at all times, with the exception of you sitting in a dedicated tying spot with a partner/partners of your own household.


5-15 Euros sliding scale, cash only


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