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27feb16:0018:00Subay & VFacets of SemenawaVirtual Event16:00 - 18:00 FacilitatorNaoko (formerly Subay) (she/her)CategoryDay 5,Queerope 2022


(Sunday) 16:00 - 18:00 CET





Event Details

In this session, Subay will discuss her journey into the world of semenawa and how she approaches it in a feminine style.

This session will include a discussion and demonstration of floor ties.

A big thank you from us to Organic Space, London for hosting Subay for this session.



Format: discussion/demonstration

Minimum Knowledge Level: Beginner/intermediate, preferably knowledge of SCT, DCT, and basic structures of gote/chest harnesses/equivalent.

What to Bring: Open mind, and thoughts about semenawa

Solo or Partnered: all constellations welcome

Class recording: no

This class will not be recorded.


Naoko (formerly Subay) (she/her)

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Naoko is a Shibari artist, performer and educator based in London. She is the founder of Studio Yukari (London, 2022) and Kokoro Studio (Hong Kong, 2015). She is part of Nawa Naka Kai 縄奈加会 and in 2023 was recognised as the third deshi of Naka Akira 奈加あきら sensei. Around 2011, Naoko was introduced to Shibari as a Shibari model. Deeply fascinated by its aesthetics, eroticism and emotions, she began studying the art of Japanese rope bondage in Japan. Being drawn to the raw expression of vulnerability in semenawa 責め縄, Subay found her teacher Naka Akira sensei and has been formally studying with him since. Naoko’s style of semenawa is described to be “feminine and inclusive”. She draws great inspirations from her short encounter with Yukimura Haruki in 2014. Using rope to engage in an empathic conversation forms the heart of her style in Shibari. Having had extensive experience in multiple tying styles, and vast exposure to different rope communities in Asia and in the West, she has developed a unique, adaptive and evolving approach to tying and teaching. Naoko has taught and performed in over 20 cities, and has had the honour of assisting Naka Sensei at his Nawa-kai, Satsuei-kai and Kenkyuu-kai in Tokyo, alongside his international workshops in San Francisco and Copenhagen. /

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