February, 2021

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  • Pauline Massimo (they/them)

    Pauline Massimo (they/them)

    Pauline Massimo is an interdisciplinary human originally from Brazil and based in Barcelona, which mostly focused in perform, teach, photograph and organise Shibari related events professionally, but with experience background in circus, yoga, dance, plastic and conceptual art, and more. They started into Shibari around mid-2012 and since then was a non-stop journey in self-discovery and learning process. They have been into a vast number of workshops and have equally experienced as a rope model, rigging and self-tying. Pauline is educated and interested in the broader range that Shibari can provide as a practice, like classic Japanese style as more contemporary mixed styles, they are mostly interested in the mental and physical challenge that this practicum can offer as much as the challenge of creating experiences that adapt for different tastes and capabilities.


(Saturday) 18:15 - 20:15 CET(GMT+01:00) View in my time



Event Details

Explore Expositions, is a basic introduction to exploding minds and ropes designed by Pauline Massimo.

This advanced class only suitable for people who is really comfortable with suspensions as a model and as a rigger/self tying, and will show a introductory base set of transitions as example, then teach a explosive leg harness and a explosive suspension line.

In this class the risks of accident can be serious if not taken the proper steps. Attendees are advised to start slow, in a soft surface and use other base harnesses that are very solid and comfortable for their models/themselves.

Pauline will show first the explosive harness, and the explosive suspension line option of many by itself. Then they will give some tips about how to test those harnesses and lines the most safer possible way, and lastly they will demonstrate a short transition to use all of the taught content as a base to start playing around.



Format: workshop/demonstration

Minimum Knowledge Level: intermediate if you want to watch, advanced it you want to tie along. You must be advanced with suspensions as a self tying or rigger/model.

What to Bring:Can be done on ring/carabiner or bamboo. Soft mattress and highly recommended a experienced spotter while practicing. Cutting tool easily reachable in very necessary.

Solo or Partnered: both, partnered if you want to tie along

Class recording: no


photo credit: @jdasairas (instagram)

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