Gender Neutral Objectification

17feb13:4515:45Gender Neutral Objectificationhua huaVirtual Event13:45 - 15:45 Facilitatorhua hua (she/her)CategoryDay 3,Queerope 2023


(Friday) 13:45 - 15:45 CET





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Objectification has always been a widely popular fetish within the BDSM scene, especially in connection with bondage. However, the common depiction is mainly associated with the objectification of women, which can contribute to gender inequality, and body dysmorphia. In this workshop hua hua and her model will explore objectification through Shibari, looking at the aesthetics of the body, dehumanization, and immobilization.


Format: lecture/demonstration

Minimum Knowledge Level: Participants who would like to tie along with the practical part of the workshop should be able to the fundamentals (single and double column tie, a few basic frictions) If they are not tying along there are no prerequisites!

What to Bring: Rope if they would like to tie along, and participate with a partner.

Solo or Partnered: any constellation

Class recording: yes

This class will be recorded (only the facilitator, not the participants) and is available for ticket holders for 30 days after the event.



hua hua (she/her)

hua hua (she/her) is an artist and Shibari teacher. She is the founder of Borderline Shibari, a platform dedicated to creating a mindful and conscious Shibari community. She began the first public rope art classes in Shanghai, and has held numerous workshops, performances and Shibari events across China. She is now based in Europe and continues to develop Borderline online and offline. She believes that rope bondage is a practice of authenticity. To her, ropes build the bridge between two beings; between interior and exterior and between the elevated and the underground. In addition to her Shibari work, her art work also includes experimental nude photography, physical theatre, installations and she frequently collaborates with other artists to encourage cross-cultural integration. Her artwork is influenced by BDSM, just as her Shibari teaching derives techniques from other disciplines. hua hua's Shibari teaching style is centred around intention, expression and the emotional process of rope. Her work has been featured on various Shibari platforms such as Shibari Study and Queer Rope festival. More about her work can be found on her Patreon:

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