Puma Camillê: Capoeira and Vogue

02oct16:0018:00Puma Camillê: Capoeira and VogueVirtual Event16:00 - 18:00 FacilitatorPuma Camillê (he/him)CategoryQEB3


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In this session, Puma Camillê, an interdisciplinary artist, model, and member of ballroom and capoeira communities, will use body movement to explore concepts of masculinity and femininity. Puma will discuss how their work draws on the connection between capoeira and vogue as overlapping practices of bodily expression arising from the African diaspora. The class will consist of an hour-and-a-half workshop involving lecture and movement as well as a half-an-hour Q&A session at the end.


This session is part of the Queer Practices / Queer Embodiment remote transdisciplinary conference that aims to bring together artists, theorists, and practitioners. The conference continues our work of building a community that is focused on intentionally developing bodily practices. We want our space to be a place for political growth and experimentation using all the materials that bodywork, sex education, and cultural inquiry can provide.

We aim to take advantage of the opportunity for an online conference. We seek to engage a broader audience that may be familiar with sex-positive culture but is not necessarily attuned to a wider set of political concerns, or approaches to gender and sexuality that are more often encountered within academic, activist, and artistic spaces. We want to put together a conference that will be open to the public and focus on fostering challenging yet accessible conversation.

Queer Practices / Queer Embodiment is curated and organized by a collaborative team consisting of Andrea Rimon (an intimacy choreographer and movement artist) and Georg Barkas (a tying and sexuality educator) and Karada House in Berlin (a queer art/research space). It is sponsored by Karada House and Github for Good.

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Event Details

Date & Time:  October 2nd, 2021, 4pm – 6pm CET (Berlin time)

Format: transdisciplinary conference


Language: English, automated closed captions provided

Recording: yes, will be available for 30 days to the participants of the conference


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photo: Caio Oviedo


Puma Camillê (he/him)

Puma Camillê is a guardian, a master in the transmission of capoeira art, a model, a member of the Ballroom aphrodiasporic community and one of responsible to mix Voguing with the Afro-Brazilian Diasporic Technology: Capoeira. His fearlessness, kindness and genius are virtues that make this person the first capoeirista to openly question the cultural colonization of the forms of expression and movements of bodies and in the practice of capoeira, simultaneously making him, a person who expands the ranks of people who defend the African and Pindoramica cultures as classical cultures, as well as someone who joins efforts to remove the colonial ties imposed on this African culture of the diaspora in Brazil, which is capoeira. From the knowledge of Capoeira, Ballroom Community and his immense experience, Puma Camille explores their own bodies within their limits, multiplying combinations, possibilities ofaccording to one's own personality, seeking naturalness, without the need to perform or create another reality for the body itself. transmitted art With a look that pays homage to ancestry and, at the same time, provokes you to investigate your own creativity with great daring accessing the state of fluidity.

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