November, 2020

26nov19:0021:00Virtual EventYour Inner BeastLGBTQIA+ & FRIENDS19:00 - 21:00 Facilitator: Emma Steel Category:kinkFormat:workshop


Emma SteelEmma Steel is interested in communication experiments that break conventions, in humour and in how we can become closer to our own inner biests while remaining professional or true to who you want to be. In her workshops she finds it important for everyone to make mistakes and ask stupid questions, thereby making communal learning possible.


(Thursday) 19:00 - 21:00



Event Details

This online workshop is dedicated to our inner beast, the inner monster that lives in every top and every dominant and every switch.

Yes, bottoms and masochists and receivers do engage with their beasts too, for example when enjoying resistance and brat play.

This course however is about the dominant beast.

Bring your experiences, questions and ideas and let us enjoy a conversation among dominants. Both beginners and long time players are welcome.


Event Details

Date & Time:  November 26, 2020, 7pm-9pm CET

Format: workshop & discussion (virtual)


Language: English, translation into German can be provided

Minimum Knowledge Level: you need to have some understanding of your top/dominant/switch energy

What to Bring:  yourself, curiosity & questions

Solo or Partnered:  both (each participant needs a ticket)

Class recording: no


What we will teach/do

• What do we need to do to let our beast off the leash?

• How to set it free?

• How to keep it in check? Is control necessary?

• What are personal boundaries?

• What helps, what is too much?

• How do we deal with our play partners’ projections?

• What is real? What is not? How can we be authentic?

• What is the difference between service topping and play centered around the desire of the top? And what are the millions of shades in between?

• How about vulnerabilities and insecurities of the beast?

• What can aftercare look like?

• There will be simple breath and voice experiments as well as a guided meditation.


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