Art of Movement - Rough Body Dance (mixed)

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(Saturday) 13:00 - 18:00




English & German

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Imagine … you are confronted with exciting tango music by another person. You lower your head, narrow your gaze, like a cat that targets it’s prey and begins to approach the other person in the rhythm with the music. In front of this person you start to stretch your hand very slowly and controlled forward, past the cheek and grab firmly into the hair, building tension – the game begins. The mouth opens slightly and the breath gets heavier. Dedication seems to please your partner. It can go on. You can now lead them through the room or with the other hand explore the body playfully, sometimes gently as a little caress, sometimes grabbing to get a little moan in response.

Explore your inner cat.

The workshop will cover:

• ideas of Rough Body Dance

• techniques such as: moving, beating, slapping & holds

• consent, safety, negotiations

• loads space & time to experiment hands-on training (literally).

In order to participate:

Please assess your body abilities and health situation thoroughly. Rough Body Dance can be an intense experience, both physically and mentally and only you can estimate if this is right for you. While we cover safety aspects everything at the event happens at your own risk.

What to bring:

sports wear or other flexible/comfortable clothes. Keep in mind that sometimes clothes get destroyed by accident. A change of clothes as well as a towel or two are also needed.

Further information:

• You do not need prior experience to participate.

• You do not need to bring a partner to participate but you can, if you like.

• You should be comfortable with interacting with other people for exercises.

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