Art of Kink - Primal Rough Body Play (queers & womxn)

07dec11:0018:00Art of Kink - Primal Rough Body Play (queers & womxn)Event Over11:00 - 18:00 FacilitatorRenéCategoryopen space


(Saturday) 11:00 - 18:00


English & German

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If play fights and rough body play are your thing but you want to go deeper than usual play fights allow then this workshop is for you. Primal Rough Body Play goes deeper into the primal and/or D/s dynamics, allowing for a slow build up of confidence, trust and primal energies throughout the day.

René & Mamana will slowly guide you into the deeper end of rough body play. In order to get there safely and with lots of fun they will teach the following:

• do’s & don’ts of RBP

• techniques such as: beating, slapping, kicking & holds

• consent, safety, negotiations

• D/s and primal dynamics, how to build them up and navigate them

• allowing your primal/animalistic nature to emerge and play with it

• dominating/conquering vs. submitting/letting go

• loads space & time to experiment hands-on training (literally)

In order to participate:

Please assess your body abilities and health situation thoroughly. RBP can be an intense experience, both physically and mentally and only you can estimate if this is right for you. While we cover safety aspects everything at the event happens at your own risk. Ideally you are open to experience both sides of RBP as well as interact with others as this is not mainly a couples event.

What to bring:

sports wear or other flexible/comfortable clothes, ideally covering elbows and knees to avoid „mat burn“. Keep in mind that sometimes clothes get destroyed by accident. A change of clothes as well as a towel or two are also needed.

Further information:

• You do not need prior experience to participate.

• You do not need to bring a partner to participate but you can, if you like.

• You should be comfortable with interacting with other people for exercises.



is a Berlin based, genderfluid person with many years of experience in kink, martial arts, power play and pain processing.

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